Was a PlayStation Vita Price Cut Expected at E3?

PlayStation Beat: Many thought we might see a price cut on Sony’s PlayStation Vita announced at E3 2013. The price hasn’t been changed. When will it?

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xHeavYx1956d ago

I really thought they would announce a price cut for the PS3 and the Vita

King-Prodigy-X1956d ago (Edited 1956d ago )

Gamescom & TGS will be about PS Vita & PS4 more and maybe a price cut for PS3 at Gamescom.

abzdine1955d ago

exactly, gamescom has always been the perfect place for price cuts. no doubt it will happen there. at the same time they should keep some surprises for other conventions.

Greatness awaits

Muffins12231956d ago

Yea...almost no vita news at e3...disappointing

jujubee881955d ago

Lot's of games and apps to come. I'd heard an executive say over 100 will come over the course of a few months.

USMC_POLICE1955d ago

Agreed. Its great the vita is getting 100 new games but mostly indie games. I love indie games but I want to see grand theft auto vita, battlefield granturismo act.

bothebo1956d ago

Yeah I think everyone expected a price cut but at the same time it's understandable that they focused on the PS4. However King-Prodigy-X is probably dead on when he says it will happen at Gamescom, if I remember correctly a lot happened at Gamescom for the Vita last year.

DarkBlood1956d ago

while a price cut would be nice, im still waiting on a red vita lol

Sanquine901955d ago (Edited 1955d ago )

This article is so stupid. quote" Here’s the problem with this requirement. Developers are being forced to add in a feature for a platform that isn’t selling. They are now spending precious development time on making the games work on Vita when few might actually take advantage of it"
This is according to the writer

This is the information sony Shu yoshida gave:

The fun part about is that developers dont have to do anything. The chip in the ps4 does all the coding ^^ the only thing they need to do is : A button layout that works ( that's a week or 2 of work to find the balance)

Proof see link below//


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The story is too old to be commented.