New Screenshots Show Off World of DayZ

Bohemia Interactive's DayZ has new screenshots that show off the game.

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ATi_Elite1955d ago

The graphical updates are wonderful.

The game play updates are phenomenal. The game is just SICK!

I stopped playing for a while just so I could enjoy it all over again with the Alpha Release of DayZ SA.

See you in Elektro (well at least I'll be seeing YOU Die in Elektro)

PurpHerbison1955d ago

Still lackluster in comparison to the concept and what it should be. Such a simple yet beautiful concept though. By the way, Hi again. You work on your trolling? Or you still taking your trolling classes here on N4G?

ATi_Elite1954d ago (Edited 1954d ago )

Dude your the one TROLLING me and go back to playing Rift and Neverwinter on your Win 98 PC.

Your Texas Instrament PC can't handle DayZ therefore you HAVE NEVER played it.

Everyone wants DayZ even PS4 Gamers cause it's an OUTSTANDING Game and Concept unlike the World of Warcraft and Cheap Guild Wars 2 clones YOU PLAY.

PurpHerbison1954d ago (Edited 1954d ago )

I think the worst thing about you is you clearly jumped on board with the PC very recently. Nobody with a PC but trolls act the way you do. Yes. I know that the PC is a powerhouse, I have one myself. Recently upgraded it as well... As well as put together a monster of a computer for my brother, but that was irrelevant. You kind of have me at a loss now cause you labeled me as a console gamer but now I am a PC gamer with Windows 98? Or was it the Texas Instrument* calculator that I am gaming on now? How about this... And I am dead serious.. I assume your DayZ is up to date, correct? Let's play. Empty server, just me and you.

1nsomniac1955d ago

I want this for my PS4 so bad!

coolmast3r1955d ago

Looks nice. Love the colours.