Possible reveal of Uncharted 4 or new Crash Bandicoot game

Sony recently released their “Greatness awaits” promotional video for Playstation. The set is alight with all types of Easter eggs for Sony’s upcoming, past, and present games. However we think we have spotted one or two that have managed to sneak by without any attention.

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Snookies121980d ago

The Uncharted one is stretching it, but the Aku Aku mask is pretty clear. Could just be past remembrance though.

ShugaCane1980d ago

Yeah, the mask reminded me of Crash Team Racing.. WOAAAAAAAAAH NOSTALGIAAA..hum..Seriously, ND, give life back to Crash. He deserves it.

1980d ago
infamous-butcher1980d ago

naughty dog, and there for Sony, haven't owned crash bandicoot for 13 years. Why would a Sony 1st party developer make a game for Activision?

abzdine1980d ago

wait for the VGAs my friends, wait!!

Greatness awaits

Cryptcuzz1979d ago

Crash in Next Gen visuals would be awesome!
That would be cool if Sony can buy back the rights to Crash Bandicoot and have Naughty Dogs revive the series exclusively for Playstation again.

Back in the days Crash was basically Playstation's Mascot and I want him back!

ShinMaster1979d ago

from what I hear.

Looks nothing like Aku Aku.

irokster1979d ago

@ShinMaster wasn't the Aku Aku mask made out of wood and had only three feathers on top? THe one in the video has a skull for the face and a full headdress.

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Campy da Camper1979d ago

Well, uncharted 3 just came out on Plus....hmmm...

nosferatuzodd1979d ago

What CRASH BANDICOOT god please let it be so if you make it so ill give up my demon ways

WitWolfy1979d ago (Edited 1979d ago )

I thought the crash bandicoot licence is owned by Activision? SO HOW the fudge can it be an exclusive if it isn't even owned by ND anymore?!?!?!?!

GameSpawn1979d ago

Crash Bandicoot was sold off (Originally owned by Naughty Dog now in Activision's hands). Somewhat related Spyro was sold off as well (Originally Insomniac now also controlled by Activision).

Naughty Dog/Sony does still own rights to Jak and Daxter though and they could reboot/continue that if need be. I doubt this would happen because Naughty Dog and their friends Insomniac (they started up in the same building and have had employees go back and forth to work for the other and have also been known to share ideas; Sucker Punch is also loosely related to the two companies) have an unofficial tradition of creating new IPs with each new console generation. In Naughty Dog's case you had Crash on the PS1, Jak & Daxter on the PS2, and Uncharted on the PS3. God only knows what new IP series Naughty Dog will do for the PS4, but judging by their history it should be pretty damn good.

_QQ_1979d ago (Edited 1979d ago )

Its a witch doctor from Diablo 3.

stage881979d ago (Edited 1979d ago )

This article is complete bull. Yes id like another uncharted and crash but that's just a random 4 and a kennel and the mask doesn't look anything like aku aku.

TehDiTH1979d ago

The mask u say is clear is 100% Diablo3 witch doctor.

I would love a new Crash game BUT... and i will get a lot of hate for this.

I vote for a FULL Crash Dark themed reboot.I would love a game like that.Perhaps since all of its original fans grew older the game needs to grow up.

b_one1979d ago

uncharted has a chance, if only we will track history back to sir francis drake times and play as him...

geeniusgee6021979d ago

i actually think thats whats gonna happen...didnt some one see a picture of a design in progress in the background in one of The Last of Us development videos? looks like a pirate!?!

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goldwyncq1980d ago

Hoping for an Uncharted 4 reveal at this year's VGA.

LoveOfTheGame1979d ago

I will lose respect for ND if they make another UC.

doctorstrange1980d ago

The first thing he punches is a TLOU clicker, so it's not all PS4.

KwietStorm1979d ago

I don't think that was in question.

doctorstrange1979d ago

But that means old characters in the trailer is just as easily a homage

lucaskeller11980d ago

ahhh crash bandicoot :) my first game ever on my first console ever (playstation 1) 13 years later im still enjoying games by the very same developer

WilliamH1980d ago

Just one thing, do Sony even own Crash anymore. I thought Activision owned it now when they took over Vivendi/Universal

lsujester1980d ago

It is one of the properties of Activision. I don't believe Sony ever owned it to begin with, though. It was always Universal, but they hired Naughty Dog to develop it for the Playstation.

WilliamH1980d ago

You learn something new every day. I think most people just assume that Sony owned it back in the day.

KwietStorm1979d ago

Yea I'm pretty sure Crash was just the adopted mascot of PlayStation, and Sony didn't own Naughty Dog until later.