Planetary Annihilation launches on Steam Early Access for £67.99

Early Access is being hailed as a way to support developments before they’re officially released. Usually, gamers will be able to buy titles at a fraction of the cost in exchanged for buggy or lackluster content compared to the release at the end of development.

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IanVanCheese1952d ago

Lol that's crazy, I think I'll just wait until it's released.

Psychotica1952d ago

$89.99 on Steam is ridiculous.

ATi_Elite1952d ago

$90 for a game that looks like some OLD Playstation 2 crap......I rather donate $90 to the Red Cross instead of this mess.

Arma 3 Alpha was $20 and the game is GLORIOUS.
Planetary Annihilation NOT SO MUCH @ $90.

Sega Genesis Dune The Battle for Arrakis > Planetary Annihilation