Why Next-Gen At E3 Has Left Me Feeling Underwhelmed

Dealspwn: "f of the strength of this E3 so far, I see little reason in investing either any of the next-gen gadget boxes before Christmas. Titanfall and Destiny will both be on current gen systems, and there's always the PC sitting quietly there too. No doubt Gamescom and TGS will be bigger than ever this year (they really need to be for all concerned, especially those companies -- *cough* Microsoft and Nintendo -- who sometimes skip out on one or both), and I'm really hoping that a few little events and announcements over the next few months will seriously change my mind. I love new tech, I want to be convinced. But given the rocky start to the last generation (no death lights please!), the likelihood of more attractive bundles (for me personally) arriving a few months down the line, the noted need from both Microsoft and Sony to continue pushing titles on current-gen consoles, and the existence of my PC, waiting a little while might well be prudent."

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Blues Cowboy1952d ago

I know what you mean. The graphics look great, but it's important to remember that no-one's holding a gun to our heads and FORCING us to choose this Christmas. I'll likely keep playing on PC (which is practically identical to the PS4 specs-wise) and make an informed decision in March/April.

LordMaim1952d ago

Careful. That might be Microsoft's next strategy after bullying Nintendo customers at Best Buy.

Gildarts1952d ago (Edited 1952d ago )

Xbox one at least has Skyping while gaming, And the smart TV integration. And some other stuff You can't do on a PC. or not as easily.

PS4 is just a gaming PC that comes with a controller. Only real reason to buy it is the exclusive games. Which are not as many this time around. Xbox One has a lot more.
its not much more powerful as PS4 fanboys like to think.

DDR5 sacrifices speed for bandwidth and DDR3 sacrifices bandwidth for speed.

They both get the job done at the same time.

They say the GPU in the PS4 is 50% more powerful but we don't know how much of that is true in practice. The GPU in PS4 is not custom made.
Xbox One has a custom made GPU.

CaptCalvin1952d ago

Whaaatt??? I skype while I game with my friends on PC all the time!

BattleAxe1952d ago

Well at the end of the day, the world needs people who make poor decisions like buying an Xbox One, so that other people who buy a PS4 can appear to have made an excellent decision.

To even try to in any way defend the Xbox One is just pure stupidity. If you like Halo better than any other game out there, then just come out and say it, because everything that you just said is total hogwash.

Anyone who buys an Xbox One must absolutely hate privacy, and must love being spied on by their government, because after this whole NSA fiasco, its clear that you cannot trust not only the government, but any major American multinational company that releases technology that can be used to collect intimate and detailed information from you, right from the comfort of your own livingroom.

Gildarts1951d ago

You have no real arguments against the Xbox except for the DRM which will be used for it to become like steam. And the price which is perfectly reasonable.

We have more exclusive games.
We have more features.
We have the cloud.
We have Kinect 2.
TV integration.
Real innovations.

Xbox One is the real nextgen console period.
Ps4 is just a lesser gaming PC that comes with a controller.

Dno1952d ago

lol you get one of these every new gen lol.

FuzzyPixels1952d ago

I agree with you, and I wrote it! :D

But I feel that's because some of the best developers hit their stride at the end of a console cycle -- just look at The Last of Us and Beyond for this generation, not to mention Shadow of the Colossus in the last.

Also, launch lineups are there to tick boxes and introduce new tech. It's only after the first six months (or 18 months in the Wii U's case, apparently) or so that you really see truly killer games coming out for consoles.

For Sony particularly (Microsoft's in-house teams are laughably small in number), it felt like their B-team stepping up for the PS4's launch. Show me what Naughty Dog and Quantic Dream and Sony Japan and TEAM ICO FOR GOD'S SAKE!!! are bringing to next-gen. Then I'll almost certainly shower them with my money.

1951d ago