Xbox One: Uncut & indexed games not playable in Germany

Apparently uncut games and indexed games are not playable on Xbox One in Germany. That's because of the 24 hours login and the region lock. For most countries in Europe that will make no difference, because games are age-tested by PEGI. In Germany, however, the USK is responsible for age rating.

If you buy a uncut game from Austria which isnt available in Germany, it probably won't work with your german account.

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Dark_Overlord1979d ago (Edited 1979d ago )

So MS are basically doing Region, Region, Region locking?

1. The normal area region locking (PAL, NTSC)

2. Your country has to be on the supported country list

3. The game has to be used within the specified region that the game is intended for

That really sucks for German gamers.

dendenmooshi1979d ago

It's not just Germany, either.

ZombieGamerMan1979d ago

Ok I think Sony just got a few million german gamers to buy the PS4 at launch

Gildarts1979d ago

German games have USK.
They can still play X1 games. Just not from other countries in Europe.

DiRtY1979d ago

The USK in Germany is pretty cool these days. Gears of War or God of War for example were uncut in Germany.

It is just that games using Nazi-symbols will be cut. Yeah, I can live with that.

Other than that, the article is speculating as hell. This is a rumor at best and not news.

TI_211979d ago (Edited 1979d ago )

It's still a rumor, but you might want to read the comments in the article.

Someone already asked @xboxde on twitter but they were unable to give a definite answer.

And if you weren't aware of it, steam doesn't allow you to verify these games either without using a proxy.

So, with a console which verifies the games at least once a day... I think you get it.

hellvaguy1978d ago (Edited 1978d ago )

Who cares, I live in Merica. Don't have any desire to mail a console to Europe and play it on a vacation that Ill never go on or play some weirdo jrpg that isn't written in merican language so I can read it.

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unchartedxplorer1979d ago

Jesus. I can't imagine Xbox One doing well in Europe now.

AutoCad1979d ago

360 never did good in europe sure they know that.

doctorstrange1979d ago

We're still talking millions of 360 users and new gamers that they're just giving the middle finger to

ZombieGamerMan1979d ago

So what you saying best way to win over the EU market is by not trying to win them over. GG MS that's showing Sony how you market a product.

lucaskeller11979d ago

Doesn't matter guys, they don't need german gamers when they can market easily by hijacking competitor's e3 booths and tellin them "hey were still here you know"

Morgue1979d ago

My friend who is die hard MS said he wanted facts not just speculation about the X1 so I sent him the link to the terms & policies yesterday. He text me today and he went and pre-ordered the PS4. He said " It was time for a change and his girlfriend told him she didn't want some creepy ass camera on her all the time "

hellvaguy1978d ago

Then why does she leave the camera on her phone on laptop on? That's how I see her naked.

MasterCornholio1979d ago

Wouldn't you have to fake an American IP address to do that?

Like I said below this is getting way too complicated.

Motorola RAZR i

airgangstarr1979d ago

i like the comment section where all the germans are telling microsoft on in well german lmao.. the whole concept behind xbox 1 is a nightmare its like they are trying to fail on purpose i dunno what kind of drugs there takin but man can u sell me some gottra be some good shit to make this many bad desicions

mitchell11881979d ago

They can keep their drugs and their xbox I want neither. Plus if I bought their drugs I'd have to do it online and even then I couldn't re-sell the drugs according to their current policy. I say go fudge yourself Xbox.

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