Multiplayer's popularity is one reason Microsoft thinks always online is OK

Polygon: "The popularity of online games is one of the reasons Microsoft officials think that the Xbox One's connectivity requirement won't be a problem, according to the VP at Microsoft Game Studios, Phil Spencer."

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Lovable1980d ago

That's fine and all, but give options to people. Also, not everyone have good connection.

dedicatedtogamers1980d ago

Exactly. Even on the Xbox 360, plenty of its top-selling games like Fallout 3, Mass Effect, Skyrim, and Fable II and III mere primarily offline games. 360's highest selling game, Kinect Adventures, was offline-only if I'm not mistaken.

darthv721980d ago

is a major factor in both platforms. We have seen less and less localized multiplayer and more shift to online. It isnt like the old days of SNES or PS1 and PS2 where multiplayer was split screen. We may get a few of those games this gen but multiplayer will be more online focused.

sony is counting on people wanting to connect their system which is why they phrased it as more of a benefit than a requirement. Ms making it a requirement is more pushing than persuading.

sony is persuading not pushing and when it is presented that way, people feel easier about the idea than seeing it as forced. I would have to say that the ps4 will end up a more connected console than even the ps3 is today.

Excalibur1980d ago


9 1/2 times out of I'm online anyway but I have a real issue being dictated to on how I enjoy my down time.

2pacalypsenow1980d ago

Wasn't the xbox 360 made in different SKU's back in 2005 to give Players options? whatever happened to MS Xbox smh...

Excalibur1980d ago

Agree but one of their biggest mistakes was making the Core machine with no HDD, now they are making the complete opposite BIGGER mistake in requiring an internet connection and forcing you into Kinect.

2pacalypsenow1980d ago

Agreed MS went from

"where about the player xbox 360 revolves around you"


"Xbox is about money and the companies that make games ,Deal with it "

cleft51980d ago

Most of the creative people that helped build the gaming division of Microsoft into what it is now quit and they had nothing good to say about the company when they did leave. Now we all know why.

GreenRanger1980d ago

I expect Microsoft to make some changes in the near future.

Kinect will probably be made optional (which would probably drop the price under the PS4's, since the PS4 is more powerful).

There will likely still be some form of DRM in place, but it won't be as stupid as it is now.

I'm not even going to consider buying an Xbox One while Kinect is mandatory and that DRM is in place.

dedicatedtogamers1980d ago

The DRM and Kinect are very unlikely to change. Microsoft will drop the price and create bundle-packs before they remove those things. The DRM has several moving pieces, so they can't simply flip a switch and turn it off. Remember: all Xbox One games install to the hard drive and play from the hard drive. This is partly why they're restricting used games and requiring an internet connection (to verify stuff). Remove any one of those and the fundamental design of the system comes tumbling down. It will be years before they make adjustments to how this thing works.

grassyknoll1980d ago

I imagine most are mandated to use Kinect in some form, I think it'll be impossible to remove after launch.

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The story is too old to be commented.