Sony's E3 victory was a PR stunt, but PlayStation 4 is still the one to watch

EuroGamer: "No DRM was an open goal, but Sony's indie focus and experience in F2P could be defining."

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WolfOfDarkness1952d ago

"All the best for Sonys PS4,"

It's was a great lesson to the World in PR and Marketing plans . Sony should be proud of it self .

Thank you Sony

dedicatedtogamers1952d ago

"Sony's E3 victory was a PR stunt"

It was a stunt that the gaming world needed.

I'm glad Eurogamer is highlighting Sony's renewed focus on indie games. With the rising cost of AAA titles, indie games might become the next big thing. I mean, no one thought people would buy a $500 iPad to play $0.99 minigames.

Mr Tretton1952d ago

People don't buy an ipad to play games, they just happen to play games on an ipad. Consoles are for games first and foremost, it's why people buy them.

Number-Nine1952d ago Show
Zool 081952d ago (Edited 1952d ago )

I don't know whether to laugh or cry (with laughter), remember M$ said they were going to kill Sony at E3, well not only did they fail spectacularly, they managed to kill themselves instead.

PositiveEmotions1952d ago

Thank you sony your going all out on us sony fans and for that we thank you with all our fcking hearts :D

hellvaguy1951d ago

Ya thank you for giving us paid online and fees on used games to play online. Really shows you care.

Linsolv1951d ago (Edited 1951d ago )

Paid online: got them there. With that said, according to Xbox fanboys, the big advantages of their system (much faster patches, especially) were because of the paid system. Hopefully we can see some of that now that the PS4 is paid online.

As far as "fees on used games to play online" -- all they're doing is not changing the status quo. EA was the big driving force behind online passes, and they just declared they were not doing them any more.

PositiveEmotions1951d ago

Dude sony does not have drm and it does not require always online gaming.

hellvaguy1951d ago

Ya drm is pretty lame, but still, I was really wanting free online like ps3 and WiiU.

I have high speed internet so idc if I get pinged once per 24/hours, but I don't like the extra used game fee.

yugovega1952d ago

i think i'm going to be sick from all the fanboy back side kissing.

on topic: sony made a good move with actually saying where they stand on some issues. i can't believe they still get a free pass for charging to play online when that was the draw of the psn vs xbl. still should have had more exclusives or at least teased some.

Cryptcuzz1952d ago

You need to cry louder since no one is hearing you except me.

While I am somewhat disappointed that PS Plus is needed now to play games only ONLINE, every other feature of the service is still free, it is still free for the PS3 and will remain so.

Sony needs to cover the costs of what they plan on doing with the PS4 and its online plans such as Gaikai, real time streaming and uploading etc. Things like that and what the PS4 is capable of in terms of online and networking is far more costly then what was available on the PS3. Costs that needs to be covered somewhere and somehow, thus the need to have PS Plus just for playing ONLINE games.

I believe that is fair, justifiable and understanding.

N4Flamers1952d ago


You know what man, I agree with you. I havent seen a single comment that said theyre glad ps+ is required for multiplayer. One of the biggest differences between ms and sony was thst live had better servers and a better connection. Sony is going to use the money to reinvest into psn and thats not a bad thing.That is the reality we live in. I dont mind helping to make a better psn for me and my fellow gamers. I think things just got too expensive and they could use the revenue.

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