Miyamoto: Nintendo's game ownership policy should operate "like a toy company"

While Microsoft's used game policy for Xbox One has revealed the company's desire to transition game ownership to a more licence-based approach, Nintendo's top designer Shigeru Miyamoto has said he believes that gamers should retain access "for a long time" to games they have own.

Miyamoto told Eurogamer that he thought games, like a physical toy, should remain the property of their owner.

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TheEvilWithin1979d ago

I love Nintendo! I swear Sony and Nintendo are the ONLY ones who get what it means to gamers to OWN the games they buy. Love the Wii U Nintendo keep up the good work. I know your trying!

LOL_WUT1979d ago (Edited 1979d ago )

This doesn't mean squat if your eShop games are at jeopardy for example if your system breaks down or if it gets stolen. Nintendo should have had a solution for this before the development of the Wii U. ;)

N4g_null1979d ago

They let you re download the games. Or they can do it for you just like the transfer from the old wii to the wiiu.

Munnkyman1979d ago

Happen to my wii u when i first got it. I bought a bad one but already downloaded a few games. I called them after i returned it and got them back on my new wii u.

TechnicianTed1978d ago

What a surpise, LOL_WUT is being negative in a Nintendo article. I'm shocked.

And he's ended it with his usual pedo wink.

Nevers0ft1978d ago

They're not in jeopardy, it's just a convoluted system to untie the NNID from the console at the moment but Nintendo can and do do it. They say this will change in the future so that end users can manage it themselves but yeah... The current system isn't ideal.

P.S. ;)

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Moonman1979d ago (Edited 1979d ago )

I love Nintendo more than ever with these statements from Mr. Miyamoto and the Reggie-nator today. Keep real games alive Ninty and Sony!

RiPPn1979d ago

Everyone jumping on the Sony bandwagon, and that's a good thing!!

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The story is too old to be commented.