Six reasons the PC is winning E3

PCGamer has insight on why PC's are winning the E3.

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vishmarx1953d ago

1)gta v
//end of discussion

iRocket1953d ago

It will eventually be on PC too, like every other GTA to date. Patience is a virtue, my friend ;)

xHeavYx1953d ago

Reason 3 says "No ten-year cycle" oh really? So the PC that you build today will play all the games released in 10 years with no upgrades?

mikeslemonade1953d ago (Edited 1953d ago )

PC is arguably a better value than the X1 but not the PS4. PS4 will have exclusives that will look better that you will never see on PC. And PS4 will be playing games on max for the next 2 years that are multiplatform (on 1080p and 60 frames, but that's all you really need). BF4 doesn't count because they're more than likely making a build for PS3 or 360, and then porting it over to next gen.

And consoles have the better community. Everybody is using the same controller, and more people have headsets. Everyone is using the same integrated communication system where as on PC people are using different chatting apps like AIM.

DarkZane1953d ago

Of course, it will play the games in ten years, but on the lowest settings at lowest resolution.

SatanSki1953d ago

And much better looking

shoddy1953d ago

I wouldn't know cause I haven't seen the PC conference at E3.

Wich company own the PC console anyway?

solar1953d ago

mike are you really serious? please tell me you are kidding.

starchild1953d ago

Sadly, solar, he probably isn't kidding. There really are people that delusional.

PS4 is going to be great and I am getting one. But PC can't be beat.

The best graphics, the best framerate, the most freedom, backwards compatibility with thousands of games, personalization and customization, oculus rift, and free online gaming all belong to the PC.

solar1953d ago

i got my PS4 preordered as well Star, yet it will never, ever take the place of PC gaming for me. all the things you mentioned makes this platform the best.

and im going to get the Rift when it hits, it looks incredible and a true "innovative" way to play games, unlike the so called "innovation" console extremists preach that consoles breed, which i havent seen since the Wii.

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ATi_Elite1953d ago

Hey Genius Grand Theft Auto started on the PC and every release has had a PC version and this will included GTAV which with mods will be the SUPERIOR version just like GTAIV PC.

GTAIV PC still has a large community thanks to the mods and Rockstar knows this while NO ONE is playing GTAIV console.

Testfire1953d ago (Edited 1953d ago )

"Rockstar knows this while NO ONE is playing GTAIV console."

Maybe because it wasn't a very good game? Making it more pretty with mods doesn't change the fact the game was still bad. Also why would console players be still playing an old game when MANY new and better console 1st and 3rd party games have come out?

vishmarx1953d ago

1) ffxv
2) kh3
3) los2
4) mgsv
5) etc....

name one pc exclusive this e3?

oh and yeah
is r*
still making that port of rdr for you obvious winners

Somebody1953d ago

Everyone avoided bringing MMOs/F2Ps in these arguments. We are talking about game that millions play and those two genres are played by millions of gamers everyday.

Console fans understandably avoid mentioning this since the sheer numbers (of players and exclusivity to the PC) would just crush their beloved console exclusives.

As for PC fans...why don't you bring up those two genres to these arguments? It's a big mistake because we all know the console fans will use their MMO/F2P exclusives against us (in similar arguments) when next gen consoles appear.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1953d ago

Cuz of The Division??
lol no.

PC is awsome but console have most of the interesting AAA games.

I can't wait for infamous.

3-4-51953d ago

Gamers Won...and that is it.

PC Has Total War: Rome 2 releasing in september and that game is going to be amazing.

I think the new shadowrun game releases on steam soon as well.

PC has a dedicated following and there will always be PC games made and purchased simply because of the freedom.

One is never better than the other....just different.

I get a different gaming experience on my 3DS/PSP/Xbox 360/PC but I like the differences.

It would be dumb if I had to play the same games on each console/ would defeat the purpose of multiple consoles/gaming devices.

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ritsuka6661953d ago (Edited 1953d ago )

Right now PC gaming is a far better experience than console. Games such as Battlefield 4 on console looks pale in comparison to the PC. However, with the next generation consoles, they will be catching up. I know that they will eventually become outdated again.

2pacalypsenow1953d ago (Edited 1953d ago )

Consoles have 10 year cycles but Pc have 3-5 because of new hardware my Video card alone costed me more than PS4 will cost I don't think anyone is playing Metro Last light or Crysis 3 on a GTX 9800 in 2013

You can also play old games just whip out your Ps1 or Ps2 of course you can't play as many games than you can on PC (emulators) but you still can

Now before people give disagrees I love PC gaming I started with PC's and built a gaming machine with SLI and invest a lot of money in it, so im neutral here just stating what i think

Pjuice1953d ago

dude that cycle you speak of is totally your choice not sony and ms which is another reason pc is amazing you have choices. So you can upgrade when you want. i try to upgrade about half way through console cycles also because its when mid to higher end pc's can run any conosole ports at ungodly framerates at any setting or resolution and there showing off next gen console tech on pc by using new engines so you get amazing graphics and framerates.

IanVanCheese1953d ago

This years E3 has made a PC gamer out of me. I was PS2 last gen and Xbox 360 this gen, but neither next gen console has impressed me (for different reasons) so PC it is.

ATi_Elite1953d ago (Edited 1953d ago )

LOL what an idiot story by PC Gamer, they must be on vacation and let the interns write the stories.

The PC is all but absent at E3 cause E3 is all about the consoles. Although last years Planetside 2 PC CLEARLY won E3 best game.

If the PC won this years E3 it was because Destiny, Titanfall, and BF4 (Consoles best new games) all looked WONDERFUL running on the PC while Xbone and PS4 versions paled in comparison or glitched out.

I saw it LIVE so I saw the CLEAR difference and once released YOU will too.

E3 = where console games are run on High End PC's LOL
PC = Next Gen we got all the CONSOLES best Games.

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