Xbox One vs. PlayStation 4: Still way too early to declare a winner

BGR: If the winner of the next-generation console war were to be decided today, Sony would undoubtedly walk away victorious. The Xbox One debut has been an unmitigated PR disaster for Microsoft, which didn’t bother to ensure that it had simple, clear explanations in place for its various confusing policies surrounding used games, game-sharing and connectivity requirements. As a result, blogs have been reporting misinformation and gamers have been getting angrier and angrier. To make matters worse, several Xbox One policies aren’t very gamer-friendly, so many people remained upset even once the air had been cleared. But despite the PR nightmare Microsoft and its public relations firm are dealing with right now, it’s still way too early to declare a winner in the coming battle for gamers’ hearts and wallets.

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TheLyonKing1954d ago

Correct but morals of each company are speaking loud and clear and maybe it's cause the Internet is more prevelant these days but it is obvious ms stance on gaming isn't sitting right with a large number if people.

xHeavYx1954d ago

This article brought to you by Microsoft Damage Control Division (MDCD).

LOGICWINS1954d ago (Edited 1954d ago )

Neither of these companies have "morals". I recall Ken Kutaragi telling people that they should get "two jobs to get a PS3". The reason Sony did a 180 was because they realized that being arrogant and pompous was hurting their bottom line. Companies have respect for consumers only because it benefits them profitwise in the long run. MS will learn the same lesson this generation.

@Heavy- Yes, this MUST be damage control. The rational thing to do is declare a winner FIVE months before any of these consoles (with MINIMUM 7 year lifecycles) are even available for purchase.


Wintersun6161954d ago (Edited 1954d ago )

Yes, we know that moral is a humane kind of thing, something which a company cannot posses, but the fact is that PS4 is a lot more gamer friendly device than the Xbone which makes use of that word understandable despite it not being completely accurate in this situation. And why bring that Ken Kutaragi statement up anymore? How is that relevant today?

You're just grabbing at one single word he used semi-incorrectly and ignoring everything else he wrote, to counter the point he was trying to get through, which quite frankly is true.

LOGICWINS1954d ago (Edited 1954d ago )

The Ken Kutaragi statement is relevant to my argument. The point is that the perception of being moral is not the same as actually being moral. What Sony did was take advantage of a HUGE error by Microsoft.

Not having 24 hour check in and disallowing used games didn't even occur to Sony. They only played up the anti-MS jabs to counter what MS did. There was nothing morally right about it, it was simply one company using a competing company's mistake to their advantage.

Wintersun6161954d ago

So first you say this:"Neither of these companies have "morals"." And now you're trying to make Sony seem immoral by spinning this whole thing around while still dodging the initial point, which is MS' anti-consumer tactics and restrictions vs Sony not doing those things and how gamers are reacting to it.

This is not about what KK said years ago. We all know Sony was arrogant back then but that is not relevant now because we are talking about the PS4 and Xbox One and what is happening with them NOW.

jaredhart1954d ago

Let's all just agree that Sony has displayed behavior and a plan for this generation that is favorable and inclusive to many more gamers.

TechnicianTed1954d ago

Sony seems to have learned from their mistakes though Logic. They thought they could do anything at that time and the public would lap it up. It took a few years for them to turn things around, the experience humbled them quite a bit.

They still never took customers as complete fools like MS are though.

ZombieGamerMan1954d ago

Yeah but you know what Logic it was just a matter of pricing and you knew in the back of your head that price was going to drop it was a matter of time.

What MS is doing on the other hand is not arrogance its stupidity, not only that we don't know for sure whether down the line MS will remove those policies that makes the Xbox One so hated. The issues with XOne is far more greater than a matter of price or maybe it still is a matter of price but not a monetary price but the price of our rights as consumers.

Hicken1954d ago

Your message is still as disjointed and illogical as ever, LOGIC. Contradicting yourself in consecutive sentences, as usual.

And then there's your typical shortsightedness.

It's damage control because it's extremely hard for any rational individual to see the difference between the two consoles and think the XBOne has a legitimate chance. There IS plenty of time, during which Microsoft could change things, but they're defending their choices right now, which doesn't- or shouldn't- sit well with anyone.

As it stands- barring some rather drastic changes by Microsoft that are unlikely to occur- we CAN declare Sony the winner. And because it's so blatantly clear, these articles claiming otherwise CAN easily be considered damage control.

You know, you'd make better arguments if you were capable of approaching ALL aspects of an argument, and not just the ones that favor you.

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ArchangelMike1954d ago

How do you define "winner"?
Are we talking lifetime sale? Well we can't determine that at this point in time.

Are we talking about the current consumer perception, or 'mindshare'? If we are, then Sony has 'won' bya massive landslide.

yesmynameissumo1954d ago

When you look at gamers vs Internet access vs online gaming vs offline, it's not too early.

LordMaim1954d ago

"Xbox One vs. PlayStation 4: Still way too early to declare a winner"
...said by no one, ever.

AngelicIceDiamond1954d ago

I agree, the console war is far, far from over. I just hope MS changes down the line.

mrxbox1954d ago

Not early at all.. It's PlayStation all the way this time

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