Zelda: Wind Waker HD is, surpise, Wind Waker in HD | Destructoid

Destructoid: "I don't know what I was expecting with The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD. It's.. The Wind Waker... in HD. Surprise, surprise."

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MontyQ1951d ago

sad part s Nintendo well charge $60 for an hd upgrade when even say ps3 charges like $29.99 its not like a new game just updated with a fresh coat of paint.

Errefus1951d ago

Ya 60 bucks for this game is to much. maybe $39.99 would be ideal imop

WilliamH1951d ago

I would gladly pay €60 for this, in fact I would pay any price Nintendo wanted me to! It's an absolute masterpiece.

christheredhead1951d ago

Who said Nintendo is charging 60? No need to be sad about a number you made up. Most likely it will have the same price point as New Super Luigi U or the standard 49.99. It's very unlikely that it will hit retail for 60.

Moncole1951d ago (Edited 1951d ago )

They are adding stuff to it, all the models are remade and it will be 1080p. Every remakes released so fay had no extra stuff, all the games were upscaled and they are 720p.

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swishersweets200311951d ago

i have those rare multi out cords for the gamecube so i already seen windwaker in semi hd :p

swishersweets200311951d ago (Edited 1951d ago )

i guess the disagreein' people never heard of the hard to get chords that upscales the gamecube games on HD tvs

brewin1951d ago

This really should retail for $40 max. If not I'll just wait til its on sale. No biggie.

DarkBlood1950d ago

you'll be waiting a very long time then.

brewin1950d ago

How do you figure? Current wii u and 3ds first party games have seen some great sale prices at places like Target and Best Buy. I got paper Mario sticker star for $20 less than a month after release. I think Nintendo is starting to wise up in the pricing dept a little. Game and Wario is also releasing at $40. That's unheard of for a Nintendo home console first party title.

DarkBlood1949d ago

well yeah sure if you look for deals but you have to really look hard not that it is to begin with.

im just saying this isnt something they are doing constantly, rarely do i see that happening alot after releases for nintendo

MontyQ1951d ago

game is great except the ship sailing is poop

MilkMan1951d ago

I'm afraid I will purchase this game also. I sold my GC one a long time ago and this will be nice to have again.

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