E3 Disappointments: Things We Didn’t See

"E3 2013 has been an overall great experience. From the next-gen hardware and games, to big titles closing out the current gen, there was a lot to see. Still, there were quite a few things that we went into E3 hoping for but came out empty-handed. Here’s a list of some of the things we wanted to see at E3, but were not there."

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Godmars2901951d ago

R* is likely holding off GTA for PAX where they're bound to have the spotlight. Likewise - hopefully - Sony kept TLG for TGS. And well as any more - actual - Vita plans since E3 was about the PS4.

EazyC1951d ago

Fallout 4, totally gutted! I think it will be shown later in the year though, perhaps at the VGA'S? And, even as a Sony gamer, I was expecting a new Crackdown reveal at the M$ show.

Jakens1951d ago

Honestly I hope the big two each left a few things out for later. I would think so. Agent for Sony and Crackdown for MS anyone?

remanutd551951d ago

The Last Guardian sony, The Last Guardian!!!!!!!!!!! i cant believe it wasnt announced as a ps4 launch title.

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