Battlefield 4 E3 2013 Multi-screen Gameplay Video

Skewed and Reviewed have posted a video showing multi-screen gameplay from Battlefield 4. The video was taken at the E3 2013 expo at the EA booth and while video recording was very limited, they were able to capture some footage which shows this game is looking great.

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NameRemoved00171952d ago

How many Titans did it take to run that?

brich2331952d ago

It was an Amd 8350 and Amd 7970 in Crossfire - so 0 titans.

Garethvk1952d ago

It does make one think doesnt it. I got as much in as I could as you know filming is not always allowed but they seemed to not mind as long as we did the big screen and over the shoulder.

mastershredder1952d ago (Edited 1952d ago )

It's the command center (Commander role). I played both the standard gameplay and the commander roles when I was there today. The commander does not need the additional screens, it's there for show (looks cool). You have enough going on, on one screen to keep you busy. What's even more awesome is being able to assume the role from a tablet (although it will be more limited vs playing commander on a console or PC version).

You can direct squad leaders, launch UAVs to spot targets, use EMP to block the other commanders view of an area, radar ping the map, launch a gun ship, mark high priority targets and launch cruise missles. There are also supply and vehicle drops being added in later. The whole map is able to be panned and zoomed.

Although you are not on the "field", it is very satisfying even if you can't get killed (just win or lose). When squads work with the commander it unlocks squad perks that can be used in that round. If you loose certain positions (like conquest), you loose certain commander features (such as use of the devastating cruise missiles) so you want to make sure you defend those areas. This is also how the commander uses strategy to "ask" his squad leaders to attack or defend those areas. They are going to integrate commander to squad leader communications so you can talk to specific squad leaders and give them waypoints, heads ups, warnings and suggestions.

Freaking awesome.

Garethvk1952d ago

How does being the commander compare with being in the action? I am just curious what incentive a played have to work behind the scenes rather than be out in the mix. Is it getting to call in all the hardware?

Garethvk1952d ago

It does look good. 3 frustrated me with the launch bugs in the PC version so I hope 4 is not rushed in an effort to beat Call of Duty. There is no reason gamers cannot have two great games and what I saw at E3 was impressive by both games.