Nintendo: If you're worried about used game sales, make better games

The best way for console makers to deal with the used games market is to ensure their games are so good that people don't want to trade them in, Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime told Polygon. But supporting used games is also important, he added.

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Cam9771978d ago (Edited 1978d ago )

This is hilarious, go Nintendo! Tell Microsoft how it's done!
This gives me hope that Nintendo won't ever copy Microsoft's quest for avarice. Hopefully the XBONE's failure among the press will help the Nintendo Wii U rise up and overcome the XBONE. THAT I'd like to see! I can imagine it now, PS4 in first place, followed by the WII U with the XBONE in 3rd place. I can dream for a perfect world, but when a perfect world seems likely my dreams flesh out that image of a perfect world.

Microsoft (I hope) will get what they deserve. I hope this acts as an example to show how quickly a company can fall if they forget the consumer. Brace yourselves for the XBONE's launch, Microsoft! You're going to fall and nobody will be there to catch you.

I would usually condone the purchase of all 3 consoles but with this generation I really cannot do that. I believe that the only consoles worthy of a purchase are the WII U and the PS4 because they've stuck to what makes a games console brilliant whereas MS have strayed too far into an unknown abyss and fallen flat in doing so. So there you have it. Want a next-gen combo? Go with the WII U and PS4 (and a PC if you're after graphics and mods); I left the PC out because it's basically a super-powered console and yes, it HAS GOT EXCLUSIVES, but the console ones generally stand out more as exclusives and ease of access are all a console is really.

Roll on next gen, I really hope Sony soar, Nintendo get what they deserve (the WII U to be successful) and for Microsoft (with their anti-consumerist ways) to fail. Unless we stand up to such junk then companies will treat us however they want - just as Microsoft are trying to do with the XBONE.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1978d ago (Edited 1978d ago )

nintendo is right!!

I am so getting ps4!

JoGam1978d ago (Edited 1978d ago )

Honestly, it has nothing to do with making better games. Every awesome game can be bought used. Fact is some people just like buying used games. There are used hidden gems at times. Still funny though.

smoothdude1978d ago

Perfectly stated. PS4 for your core gaming, and Wii U for those Nintendo games that I am addicted to. Damn Zelda, the most expensive game that I have to play!

chadboban1978d ago

Well said my friend.


bub161978d ago

Good post bro!

Everyone needs to stand up and fight this BS Microsoft are pushing out. If one company does it. Over time more will.

At he end of the day we buy the console and if it wasn't for us they wouldn't be around. We have more say then you may think

JsonHenry1978d ago

Bwhahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!

OhReginald1978d ago

hahaha so true. Even nintendo knows whats up.

dark-hollow1978d ago

You know you screwed so bad when even Nintendo is mocking you.

TXIDarkAvenger1978d ago

| You know you screwed so bad when even Nintendo is mocking you.

Why do people take Nintendo so lightly? Nintendo is partially the reason Playstation exists.

Shnazzyone1977d ago


Well not just partially... Nintendo made the original button layout(compare to snes) AND the name playstation. Only their name had a space between play and station.


Nintendo and Sony need a peacemaking run. Maybe this gen is it.

pixelsword1976d ago

I hope Nintendo buys one of them and keeps the online free.

Benjaminkno1978d ago

Honestly, I wouldn't mind getting rid of game sharing, if the price of games were dropped to 30 or 40 dollars.

GameStop is a leech off the industry and they should just go away.

Here's 10 dollars for your game that we're going to sell for 5 dollars less than brand new!!


mewhy321978d ago

wow get in there nintendo

Mcardle1978d ago

Exactly! I never traded in my copy of MGS4 but did for lesser games like Killzone 2 that I didn't rate!

FlunkinMonkey1978d ago

I still have my KZ2 copy.. My personal favourite MP of all time.

chadboban1978d ago

I bought Killzone Trilogy for my little brother, but couldn't help but play it myself after watching him play. Not really into FPS games but I actually really enjoyed my time with it.

Mcardle1978d ago

I'm one of those strange people who can't stand multiplayer, so probably didn't get as much enjoyment out of it as others.

pixelsword1976d ago (Edited 1976d ago )

Not everyone is into the same thing, Mcardle; I thought the single player and Multiplayer for K2 was better than K3 myself in terms of board layout, but the story is better in 3 than 2 only for the fact that they made Rico a pretty stable character in the previous versions but for K2 they made him a terrible character. But they fixed it in 3 and that's a good thing.

I only wish they'd bring Billinghurst into the foreground.

Why o why1978d ago (Edited 1978d ago )

I get your point.. still have my mgs4 too as well as my mario kart double dash and bomberman from the gamecube days.......original sotc okami and many others. Some games are just keepers...even some we may not ever play again.

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