8 Reasons Not To Buy An Xbox One (Which Won't Stop Me Buying One)

An interesting insight from an Xbox One fan listing 8 of the most common reasons given not to buy Microsoft's next gen console, and reasons why none of the issues raised will stop him from buying it.

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001980d ago (Edited 1980d ago )

I hope this guy has fun playing games when the servers are down.

komp1980d ago

You can do this if internet down:

or you could just get MS to:

unless you're lucky and have this:

thehitman1980d ago

LMAO @ I got 99 problems and my name is ONE.

pompombrum1980d ago

"300,000 servers on live means I'm gonna get my own server!"


Army_of_Darkness1980d ago (Edited 1980d ago )

With this type of loyalty, MS's Xbone will surely watch and protect him when he is sleeping at night ;-)

Garbanjo0011980d ago

"I'm gonna have my own server!!!"

HILARIOUS. So true, I think that PS4 is going to dominate sales this year, especially when XBO only releases in 21 countries.

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GamerToons1980d ago

Terrible article.

It sounded like a bunch of excuses.

Here is why I am NOT buying the XBox One

Price (100 dollars more)

Hardware (Not as good as the PS4.. proven)

Bricked console after 24hrs of no internet

No Subscription needed to play offline games, netflix.

No DRM, my Disc is MY Disc.

And that is it. This is why most gamers are going the route of the PS4. None of your 8 crappy excuses (they were excuses) really hold any water to the items I listed above.

-GametimeUK-1980d ago

A subscription is needed for Netflix on 360.

Gildarts1980d ago

And what makes you choose a PS4 over a gaming PC?

Because that is basically the PS4 right now.

There is literally no difference.

The Xbox One has features that can't be done or not as easily on a PC.

GamerToons1980d ago (Edited 1980d ago )


I have a kick*** PC gaming machine already.

Consoles are not the same as PCs. I have my Steam account and have been a part of Consoles since Pong (yes Pong) and PCs since DOS.

A PS4 will be my next gen console of choice along with my PC stuff.

If you think XBox has things that can't be done on PC... like what?

TV Guide - Check
Fantasy Sports - Check
Kinect? - Meh dont want that.. but I have a webcam

Gigaguy7771980d ago

Seeing as how MS servers usually aren't down long, he'll probably have fun playing his SP games for about 2 to 3 hours then hop back on XBL.

avengers19781980d ago

Only need 1 reason MS bullsh*t policies

RedHawkX1980d ago

not giving thise dude hits.

gedapeleda1980d ago

That article is stupid but he did notice one thing right. This gen everyone said it's ok to pay more for a console(sony), next gen it's not ok to more for a console(sony)

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SexyGamerDude1980d ago

Notice how he didn't mention the stripping of consumer rights. He only mentions the check in but there is more to it than that

Gildarts1980d ago (Edited 1980d ago )

There's nothing more to it. People just make shit up.

You can still share your entire library of games with up to 10 people easier then ever. Through cloud.
How many times have i borrowed a game and never got it back. Thats a thing of the past now.

How many times did i have to repurchase a game because the disc had been destroyed. Thing of the past now.

You can still buy used games at participating retailers.
You can install and play games without the disc. No need to look for your disc. Thing of the past now.

I can say "play halo" and then "play kingdom hearts 3"(ZINGG!!) without having to look for the disc.

And there will be more functions using the cloud. Which would only be possible with 24hour online check.

SexyGamerDude1980d ago

Except a lot of those features won't even be available at launch.

Forced installs are unnecessary. If you don't want to have to look for your disk than buy digital. That's how it was this gen. They gave you a choice. I myself prefer physical copies.

Sony knows there are gamers that still want physical copies and that why they give you the option.

Also, you don't need a check every 24 hours for cloud to work. You only need to be connected to the internet at the point you want to use it. Also, cloud gaming takes up a lot of bandwidth, what if I don't want to do it? Why do I have to put up with the 24 hour checks?

lucidity1980d ago

This is not the strong defence of this platform that the author thinks it is. Stinks of desperation in places, like there's a weird need to justify this purchasing decision. Half of the reasons not to buy feel like they were lifted from Youtube comments, too.

Krosis1980d ago

If you really believe what you just typed than what your saying is constantly reminding everyone why your buying a PS4 is a hell of a lot "weirder"? If the PS4 is such a common sense buy than why all the articles and comments announcing "I'm buying a PS4"? So you taking issue with this article and saying " there's a weird need to justify this purchasing decision." is a little hypocritical, no?

Let the man buy what he sound as restrictive and judgmental as Microsoft lol

lucidity1980d ago

Suggest you read and respond to what I actually wrote if you actually want to reply to this comment.

This article is a mental exercise by the writer to dismiss arguments against his position by mischaracterising people's concerns re: the Xbox One so that he can feel more secure in a purchasing decision he is unsure of. He needs the validation of his audience as reassurance.

Similar articles written re: PS4 are either typical console war trash or similar exercises.

Krosis1980d ago

Ah yes, the "disagree button". Disagree without any explanation or validation--brilliant. One could write water is wet on this site and still get disagrees. Truth hurts I guess. The reality is anything that doesn't read "PS4 ftw" on this site gets disagreed with. Sad, but kids are kids.

LoveOfTheGame1980d ago

Last time I checked, we buy consoles to enjoy video games. To me, Xbox is showing the better games so I am leaning toward them as of now. No other need of justification, I will go where I enjoy the games.

Krosis1980d ago

I suggest you actually read what I wrote before you state I didn't respond. My point still stands. I don't understand your surprise. Did you not read the title of his article? Most articles or written bodies need the validation of their audience. He is saying he will be getting an Xbox One regardless as the cons are out-weighed by the pros (for him).

Your interpretation of the article is odd. He isn't "unsure" at all about his decision. With all the crap that makes its way onto N4G I just find it amusing that you take issue with this article. It comes down to personal choice in the end.

For example: I believe the PC is a far superior platform to the consoles. I will continue to be a PC gamer despite what console people say or their "concerns". Not looking for "validation" and I am certainly not unsure about my sentiment. Just because you, and many others, think the Xbox One is a poor choice doesn't mean everyone will agree (Xbox One wouldn't make a single sale if that were true).

So, like the hoards of Sony fans who feel the need to post "PS4 ftw!" and "I'm getting a PS4 day one" on every article on this site (to seek validation from their audience by your logic) this person is simply saying "despite what you think, I'm still getting an Xbox One". You are taking issue with an ostensibly bias article of which there are many written for both consoles under the notion your own opinion is law. That is an exercise in futility and the very foundation of moronic squabbles on the internet.

Much like the PS3, which loyalists still bought day one, he believes it will be favorable to him regardless of the legitimate concerns.He does have a point he inadvertently conveys in some respect: Microsoft, like Sony, has its loyal followers that will buy regardless of the pitfalls. It comes down, as always, to "Choice"--it may not be your own or that of the masses, but who are you to argue otherwise?

Mikelarry1980d ago

you like it buy it. no need to tell the world your reason its your money to burn

ifritAlkhemyst1980d ago

Good for the writer of this article. Might as well have titled it "8 Reasons + 1 that I'm a Pathetic Moron."

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