Killzone: Shadow Fall PS4 E3 hands-on: losing the linear marks the series’ move to next-gen OPM

OPM: Going hands-on with the series’ PS4 outing feels immediately familiar on a mechanical level, but soon the expanded gameplay options start to come into focus. Again, file this under G for ‘A Good Thing’ (or A if you do your alphabetising like a Neanderthal). Because while the shooting has been rock-solid since the 2004 debut, there’s no escaping that most of that shooting has taken place in corridors or other environmental funnels. But this time things are a whole lot less linear.

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VsAssassin1952d ago

The inclusion of that zipline via the OWL companion is indicative of more freedom in the environments. I'm thinking this game will have bigger maps in the Single Player campaign while still being linear. Think Crysis 2.

I'm going to get this game day one!

ifritAlkhemyst1952d ago

Think Crysis 1. Crysis 2 was nonlinear only in how you wanted to approach a given area. Which was usually just cloak, stealth kill, recharge, cloak, stealth kill, recharge.

mewhy321952d ago

This game looks amazing.

dedicatedtogamers1952d ago

I'm getting strong vibes of when I first played Halo: Combat Evolved, and I mean that as a very, very good thing. The game is ticking all the right boxes. My only (personal) gripe is that I don't like how Killzone handles melee combat but that's just a small personal preference.

cpayne931952d ago

Love how both shadowfall and mercenary will be more strategic than their predecessors.

ceballos77mx1952d ago

First game going into my ps4

creatchee1952d ago (Edited 1952d ago )

I think that KZ would benefit if they went the way of Far Cry 3 - a definitive main quest, but plenty of things to do on the side (some of which enhance the story) and freedom to roam all unlocked areas. Obviously I don't want a carbon copy, but it would be cool.

FlunkinMonkey1952d ago (Edited 1952d ago )

I was a massive fan of KZ2, the MP especially.. They really need to revert back to the clan and control system of KZ2 that really separates the men from the japseyes.

Even though previous games had relatively good hit detection, i would like to see more physics being introduced with characters and explosions for example. It would be more satisfying if they fell further than a foot from an explosion (personal preference).

lucaskeller11952d ago

killzone shadow fall multiplayer?

fast foward a bit, if you played the previous multiplayer killzones it will sound familiar

lucaskeller11952d ago

Video also shows the bundled chat mic and the user interface

FlunkinMonkey1952d ago

that sound just makes me think M4 headshot 'BOOM'

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