PS3 EyeToy Enigma

EyeToy was a significant success for Sony Computer Entertainment -- its American hype has cooled since launch, but the camera is very popular in Europe and still gets use every now again in PS2 games worldwide -- and the company is eager to explore the avenues opened by the PlayStation camera accessory. With PS3, EyeToy seemed to be poised to be a major part of the system -- at E3 2005, EyeToy figured in greatly to the amazing "Ducks, Boats & Cups" demo, and the following year, SCE demonstrated EyeToy use in Eye of Judgment and Singstar.

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Alice: Madness Returns - Retro Review

Reviewing Alice: Madness Returns almost feels like a rite of passage for me. You see, I'm from the same town as the childhood home of Charles Dodgson, better known to you and I by his pen-name, Lewis Carroll. As such, he's a bit of a local culture icon.

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Relientk774h ago

I played Alice: Madness Returns for the first time last year. What an amazing game and adventure. It's a huge shame we aren't getting a sequel to it. It absolutely deserves another game.

0hMyGandhi3h ago

oh yeah, I remember this game! I remember liking it, but found the platforming to be utterly obnoxious. Loved the world design.

Good review!


Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo Comes to Street Fighter 6

The classic puzzle game, Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo, is now playable in Street Fighter 6's Game Centre, along with other new additions.

Babadook72d ago (Edited 2d ago )

I loved this on PS1. I also bought the HD remaster.


Left 4 Dead Writer Explains The Drawbacks Of Releasing Games In Early Access

He wants to launch all his projects initially through close beta.