GameInformer - Nine Questions With Ready At Dawn about The Order: 1886

GI - One of the biggest game announcements of Sony's E3 press conference was The Order: 1886, a new IP for PlayStation 4 from Ready at Dawn. The studio has a sterling reputation when it comes to dealing with other properties (like God of War and Daxter on PSP), but The Order is a chance for Ready at Dawn to break out of the handheld mold. We spoke with creative director Ru Weerasuriya about scope, premise, and even the future of The Order.

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ZombieGamerMan1979d ago

Sony should just buy these guys already, all their games till now have been PSP only titles and with this game being PS4 they should just buy them and make their first party portfolio thicker along with Quantic Dream.

2pacalypsenow1979d ago

Some developers choose to be independent but stay loyal to one company. I think Sony tried buying insomniac Games but they refused

izumo_lee1979d ago

What is so ironic is that studios like Naughty Dog, Sucker Punch & Insomniac all started relatively around the same time as independent game companies doing games for Playstation.

Naughty Dog & Sucker Punch were eventually acquired by Sony. That has done wonders for both companies as they have thrived under World Wide Studios.

Insomniac were approached by Sony to be apart of WWS but decided to stay independant. After a few great games they have really lost their identity, making really mediocre games.

I see Ready at Dawm kinda like Sucker Punch. Remain 2nd party for a considerable amount but will eventually be part of WWS in the future. Right now they are under the wing & tutelage of Santa Monica which isn't a bad thing at all.

TheFallenAngel1979d ago

Ready at Dawn is a good studio. Sony should buy them.

Jovanian 1979d ago

this game looks interesting the art style and technology they are using almost gives me a warhammer 40k imperial guard sort of vibe because of the mix of frighteningly high tech and powerful weapons with really old and ancient art style

i'd like to see a little gameplay though