Sony’s PlayStation 4 revealed: It’s the anti-Xbox One

After months of posturing, Microsoft finally wrapped up its offering yesterday, leaving Sony to throw the last punch during its E3 keynote – and it was one hell of a swing, smacking the Xbox One straight in the gut: The PS4 will not be always-online, will allow you to freely trade your games, and will cost just £329. In short, it seems like the PS4 now has a sizable lead over the Xbox One. Read on for our full analysis of the PS4's price, hardware, software, connectivity, and games.

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aCasualGamer1955d ago

The PS4 looks slightly like the PS2 in the vertical stand. Sexy looking. I get the resemblance though, Sony are back in the gaming business for real, they are aiming for the same success.

I might add, that they are off to a good start!

BluEx6101955d ago (Edited 1955d ago )

PS4 clearly going to cater to core gamer and casual. Xbone is clearly trying too hard for the casual market. Business deals with TV/NFL/EA/CoD/Sports are clear signs of that.

This year alone PS3 came/coming out with God of War Ascension, Gucamelee, Ni No Kuni, Sly Cooper TiT, The Last of Us(GOTY/GOTG), Beyond 2 Souls, and Rain. Xbox 360 are Gears of War, and State of Decay....

warewolfSS1955d ago

tell me about it, it has like 5 games.

SexyGamerDude1955d ago

You are either trolling or you can't count.

NatureOfLogic1955d ago (Edited 1955d ago )

or both

1955d ago
nypifisel1955d ago

It's so funny, Microsoft declares 15 exclusives within the first year and 8 new IPs, you all go up in arms to that. Sony declares 30 Exclusives and 12 new IPs and that's all of a sudden "no games". Going on track record Sony has always delivered on its first party games (compared to Microsoft which just moneyhats developers to make their games exclusive).

You can like or dislike what ever you want, but what you can't do is to say that Sony wont deliver on the games, cause they always have, for almost 2 decades now. 140 games in development for PS4 or what was it?

warewolfSS1955d ago

you sony die hards are a touchy bunch.


its a joke

i didnt insult your mother

ricochetmg1955d ago

- a bubble....i know its hard to be a one fan right now but buy it if you love it so much don't troll...

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digger181955d ago

Yawn. How much more of this cr*p we going to get. Everybody knows I'm a massive Playstation fan. but even I'm getting really bored it with all. People need to grow up and move on I say.

SexyGamerDude1955d ago

Everybody needs to know of Microsoft's hate of gamers and how Sony doesn't want to throw consumers under the knife like them. All uninformed must be informed.

Death1955d ago

Yeah, Microsoft hates gamers. That's why we are lucky Sony drug gamers kicking and screaming into the 20th century by creating a paid unified online gaming service to enhance online gaming, mandated their systems come with a HDD, and required broadband internet. Could you imagine what it would be like if Sony took the easy way out and let others make the hard choices? Maybe if Nintendo had tried to change the way we game by including motion controls with every console they would have sold over 100 million units to date too.

Yep, Microsoft needs to be stopped before developers and publishers regain lost revenue to invest in taking gaming to the next level. It's bad enough Nintendo is trying to innovate gaming again with their crazy tablet controller. We, the intelligent gamers, should start a petition to bring gaming back to its heyday circa 1995 when Sony ruled the roost.

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SpinalRemains1955d ago


We all have deep rooted scars from the years of POS3 Doooomz.

Its time to enjoy this for as long as we can.

Breaking balls is what humans do.
Those with thin skin can't handle it is all.

1955d ago
SpinalRemains1955d ago

Its just ball busting on the internet.

No one takes this stuff seriously. Its entertainment like anything else.

Just bring facts to the table and try to educate others on the dangers of MS policies.

Then add in some Dooomz at the end for a laugh. ;)

The Meerkat1955d ago


If we grow up and move on then MS will never listen.
Ridicule can bring tyrants down, Nicolae Ceaușescu was defeated by laughter. MS can be forced to change too if we keep the pressure up.

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S2Killinit1955d ago

thank god for Playstation.

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