Microsoft Tech Journalist Paul Thurrott: Xbox One Launch Missteps Could Cost Microsoft

Don Mattrick opens mouth, inserts foot
In the wake of a disastrous E3 launch cycle for its Xbox One, Microsoft is taking a page from the wrong playbook by doubling down on the most controversial aspects of the entertainment console. After disasters like Windows 8, you’d think the company would know that owning up to and correcting mistakes quickly is the way to go.

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Belking1951d ago

Really, XB1 will do fine.

LOGICWINS1951d ago (Edited 1951d ago )

Thats what I keep telling people. For some reason they just assume that MS can't simply drop the price of the One to $399 at ANY time during the next 6 months.

Companies can make adjustments very easily. All the DRM crap can change with a simple firmware update. MS can erase all their misfortunes with the snap of a finger...whether they have the common sense to do it is the question.

But no..lets just pretend that MS has their hands tied behind their back until November and can do nothing to turn around their current situation. Its N4G after all lol.

jc485731951d ago (Edited 1951d ago )


MS said this is going to be long term. They are not interested in changing anything at the moment or in the next 6 months. They will have to go through the same **** (or worse) that Sony went through with the PS3 playing the survival game.


you're right. A miracle.

GamersRulz1951d ago (Edited 1951d ago )

It'll do original Xbox fine.

Think of it, last gen with price advantage, a 16 months headstart and easy to develop for console, MS ended up last despite all that. Now they need a miracle to outdo Sony PS4.

and before anyone brings the profit made on consoles, Xbox division never made a single penny for MS since creation in 2002. 3billion lost on OG xbox followed by 1 billion spent on RROD not including Kinect ads and manifacturing.

LOGICWINS1951d ago (Edited 1951d ago )

@jc- I'm more interested in what companies do as opposed to what they say. Obviously they aren't going to suggest that they will make any changes now because they would look weak in reacting to Sony instead of marching to their own beat.

Given all the lies MS has told that N4Gers have rightfully called out, why couldn't they also be lying about this? Of course can make short term adjustments.

NatureOfLogic1951d ago

No one is saying that it won't do fine, hell dreamcast did fine and gamecube. Will it be as successful as MS hopes? Not looking like it at the moment.

Saigon1951d ago


You make good points but I have to say the DRM setup that MS has implied will not just work with a quick firmware update. Remember that they tied everything to the cloud. There will also have to be major changes done within that infrastructure in order to apply the fix. This would cost a severe amount of money to do especially with all the servers they dedicated to this new function. Because of that, I am starting to think this is why MS has decided to keep its stance with how they are rolling out this product.

NewMonday1951d ago (Edited 1951d ago )

"Don Mattrick opens mouth, inserts foot"

loved this, and it's coming from an MS insider


they will at least wait to see how the market reacts, so no change before 2014 at least, by then Sony have the liberty of staying with the momentum or cutting the price to $350 with a 250GB SKU.

price was a surprise factor anyway, to much other baggage, and now it's clear their whole financial model is based on the bloated with $#!t strategy and they can't afford to go back to the 360 model or they wold have already.

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DOMination-1951d ago

I was going to post this poll as well. I don't care if it's on Facebook, the numbers are pretty staggering. You can always adjust polls slightly either way, but this is such a clear margin (gamespots twitter poll is showing similar figures) that it's difficult to ignore. The people have spoken and it's not looking great for MS at this moment.

Belking1951d ago

You are forgetting that people on the internet aren't the masses. Remember xbox360 was supposed to fail and ps3 was supposed to dominate. How did that turn out?

paranoid19711951d ago

@belking So, a survey on the biggest social network in the world by one of the biggest online retailers in the world isn't relevant because its not the masses? This is the exact market MS are targeting. BTW Xbox 360 came in third this gen behind Wii then PS3

1951d ago
brianunfried1951d ago

History repeating itself. Commodore created an all-in-on living room box called the CDTV, failed. Philips created an all-in-on living room box called the CDi, failed. Now Microsoft.

Commodore_1951d ago

He's right, I put everything I had into that CDTV.

manny1up1951d ago

Don Mattrick - Epitome of a NERD !.. chipmunk looking Bastard ,

Sci0n1951d ago

Logic are you not listening to Microsoft at all? They will not budge they just recently told there consumers if you want to game offline go buy a 360.

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