E3 2013: Here’s All The Battlefield 4 Footage You’ll Ever Need

E3 has once again become a showdown of sorts for the big shooters of the year. Battlefield and Call of Duty are vying for attention as usual, but they’ve been joined by two major competitors this year – Destiny and Titanfall. Which one’s the best? Well, EA obviously thinks it’s Battlefield 4 and it has mountains of gameplay footage to back it up.

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Maninja1951d ago

It's only the 3 trailers released at e3. I'm gonna need alot more than that

Nafon1950d ago

thanks for saving my time. +1

Gh05t1951d ago

Yeah I was hoping for ripped footage from E3 players since I heard they broadcast that... I was working so I didnt get to watch any of it.

matrixman921951d ago

you can see all the old broadcasts on the Battlefield twitch page.

Gh05t1951d ago

Awesome thank you for the heads up.