PlayStation 4: Sony outmaneuvers Microsoft on price, design, and common sense

Before yesterday's E3 keynotes from Sony and Microsoft, opinion was split on the very different paths each company is taking. Some found the PlayStation 4 the more appealing proposal on paper — a more powerful, developer-friendly box that seemed to have been created with gamers' best interests in mind. Others, however, were more impressed with the Xbox One's expansive entertainment options and Microsoft's audacious plan to take over the living room. Now that both companies have played their hands at the biggest gaming show of the year, where do they stand?

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marchinggamer2011d ago

Price the Xbox one is giving better value with kinect better games and better online design definitly not they bboth look like vcr s but the ps4 looks itiotic with the blue stripe and common sense? The dual shock 4 made to fit a kids hand by a bunch of kids

Software_Lover2011d ago

Value is subjective. Many people dont want/need kinect so the added cost sucks.

gamedebater2011d ago

if you like playing kinect yea xbox is for you, i honestly dont know any1 that does...

so kinet aside ps4 is more powerful, cheaper, has more exclusive variety, and its sole goal is to appeal to hardcore audience.

if you want to play games like assassins creed and Rsye (easy gmaes) for the rest of your life stick with xbox. im sure we'll see halo 9 soon.

nosferatuzodd2011d ago

better games what are you talking about titan fall yay another space marines shooting game so original
just like halo gears and the rest thanks microsoft

S2Killinit2011d ago

I couldn't find one correct point in anything you said.

Belking2011d ago

nether console is beautiful but PS4 is just down right ugly and so is the new ps eye.

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Software_Lover2011d ago

Design? They both look the same. One is slanted with a blue line, the other is not slanted. One is bigger because it has more hardware inside.

mandf2011d ago

Just asking, what hardware is that?

wishingW3L2011d ago

Xbox has 2 HDMIs... An in and an out. ;)

strigoi8142011d ago (Edited 2011d ago )

I guess another power brick is hidden inside of it..yup 2 HDMi's so i can connect my ps4 to it??

Godmars2902011d ago

"One is bigger because it has more hardware inside."

yeah. Those HDMI ports *REALLY take up a lot of space... /s

despair2011d ago

cable box parts and kinect integration might.

despair2011d ago

I like the slanted look, when they showed from the front it I thought "huh the same as Xbox One?" Then I saw it from the side with the slant and thought "oh thats pretty slick"

Overall the look of the console is probably the most unimportant thing. But I still think the PS4 will look better on my shelf than the Xbox One, I do like both though.

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF2011d ago

I was thinking the same thing. PS4 looks like a plastic piece of plastic. Plasticky.. and that stupid design of being crooked.

X1 looks like a cable box. I'll take the cable box look over the crooked box look.

hollabox2011d ago (Edited 2011d ago )

Both consoles are pretty ugly by todays standard. I actually prefer the Xbox 1 deign over the PS4 but not by much. The PS4 design is more useful because the console can stand vertical which works better for most home theater setup. I hate to admit it but Wii U actually has the best design regarding next gen consoles but the worst controller design. Between the Xbox1 and PS4 controllers I would give the nod to the PS4 design, it might be an different story when I actually play both them.

The best design period for me is the Xbox360 slim, looks sleek, small foot print, and shiny black, looks good in my TV stand. The Xbox360 controllers for the Slim model on forward are the best traditional controllers I've ever played with. The Worst controller period is the Atari Jaguar, followed by every other Atari system I've played, followed by NES controller (too damn small, had to play it upside down), followed by the Turbo Graphics 16.

S2Killinit2011d ago

more hardware? what? lol

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Godmars2902011d ago (Edited 2011d ago )

Its more like MS outmaneuvered themselves. Never recovered from the first PS4 reveal which basically happened after Sony made an announcement to the effect they'd let MS go first.

KillrateOmega2011d ago

Sony didn't have to try to hard. MS did most of the work by repeatedly shooting themselves in the feet.

Mikelarry2011d ago

and rubbing canyen pepper into the wound with every foolish word uttered after the reveal in interviews. my favorite " if you haven't got online we have a product called the xbox 360"

KillrateOmega2011d ago


He might as well have said: "Don't have a reliable internet connection? Sucks for you."

mamotte2011d ago

Price and design dont bother me.

But "common sense"... M$ just lost it. I was planning to buy One for Killer Instinct and Sunset, but I wont be able because Xbox Live wont be able in my country, so i wont be able to activate my console and games. Funny enough.

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