The Future of Nintendo Co., Ltd: Is Mario Doomed?

Nintendo shares are down over 84% from the glory days of Wii/DS mania

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Rrobba1955d ago (Edited 1955d ago )

"Is Nintendo Doomed"

At this point it is foolish to deny that Nintendo is having some problems. But the strength of the 3DS, the fantastic first-party line-up for Wii U over the next 18 months and the HUGE cash reserves Nintendo has from the Wii/DS days means they won't be going anywhere anytime soon.

kirbyu1955d ago

I agree with all the thing Google is suggesting except the 1st one.

BATRA1955d ago


ape0071955d ago

a 50$ price cut with new games and sales....boooom

who doesn't want to play mario kart 8, smash bros, mario 3D or DKC TF, let alone unannounced zelda and other games??


TronEOL1955d ago

Yeah, Nintendo will be around for a while. They still hold some of the best IP's in the industry. Even though most of them are rehashes, they still manage to be ridiculously fun.

Maybe more so for people like myself who've grown up playing Nintendo games.

TronEOL1955d ago

Wow. First Sony doom and gloom with PS3/Vita, then Microsoft with XboxOne and now Nintendo? I thought they were in a shitty position not too long ago, but I still found myself buying a Wii-U and 3DS for Mario (SOME, I'm sick of the side-scrollers), Zelda, Animal Crossing and Monster Hunter.

But if anything bad were to happen, I could see either Sony or Apple trying to buy them out, or else they'd pull a Sega.