System Wars vs. Nintendo @ E3 2013

Was Nintendo's E3 too 'safe'? Where's the 'new stuff'? Nine gamers join together to discuss their E3 2013 showing.

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thomasmiller1954d ago

last year they were saying nintendo land? nintendo blew it! no 3d mario, no zelda, no smash bros. no mario kart!! this year nintendo has 3d mario, mario kart, smash bros. and zelda, now that's not good either, and safe? the wonderful 101 and monolith's X are very different, sony and micro soft don't have original games, like these... and yeah new stuff, sony has kill zone, final fantasy, metal gear solid, kingdom hearts 3, new COD, NEW assissin's creed, and microsoft, has killer instinct, gears of war, yeeaahh all that new and original stuff!! are the microsoft fans really that mad that they lost the e3??? wow! grow up and get over it!!