Phil Spencer: Xbox One Policy Won't Change in The Short-Term

But Microsoft is always adapting to long-term trends, says studio boss
Microsoft's divisive 24-hour online authentication and game trading restrictions are fixed and "definitive", a key Studios executive has said, whilst adding that the Xbox One manufacturer will remain open-minded on long-term future policy.

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fluffydelusions2005d ago

And it will be that consoles downfall.

xHeavYx2005d ago

You would think that, after all this backslash, they would try to win some people back and say "we are getting rid of the 24 online check" or something, monkeys must have taken control over at M$ Headquarters.

mandf2005d ago

The check in is the drm. That's how they completely enforce it. The real question is if xbox live is mandatory? And if not, how many features will a customer be able to use without live.

cleft52005d ago

Worse, a bunch of arrogant fools are running Microsoft at the moment. Just look at Don Mattrick's comments about people without online connections can just buy a Xbox 360. When I saw that video, it made me want to throw my 360 in the garbage can.

Ilovetheps42005d ago


I've had the same question for a while now. I'm wondering if you will have to have Live to do this "check in". I'm assuming not as long as you are a Silver member. I hope that they release that information sometime soon though just to clarify it.

mandf2005d ago

@ ilovetheps4

I more interested the final specs. A lot of rumors on the web about yields weren't were they wanted them and they may had to change things. Just curious really curious.

Mikelarry2005d ago

@ heavy its our double agent phil so proud when he decided to to move to ms from out base sony, some questioned his motives and how successful he would be at destroying the enemy from within. but i always knew phil behind all that innocent bald look there was a fierce agent waiting to prove himself.

NatureOfLogic2005d ago (Edited 2005d ago )

"You would think that, after all this backslash, they would try to win some people back and say "we are getting rid of the 24 online check" or something"

That would mean a massive delay(1-2 years). They fear Sony so much that they would rather crap on their entire fanbase just to avoid being left in the dust by Sony. I'm sure they're rethinking their policies for the future. I think at this point Xbox one is merely a test to see how much they can actually get away with.


I'm not sure if it's official, but plenty of E3 coverage news said you don't need broadband for the check in/DRM (they were adressing the always on concerns for areas where you don't have broadband, I believe). Considering that Live required broadband so far, I'm guessing silver members can do the check and keep the console running games.

darthv722005d ago (Edited 2005d ago )

being direct and indirect and yet in both cases the same result can happen. Ms is being direct in saying you need to have internet to use our product.

sony is being indirect in saying you can use our product without internet but its more beneficial if you do.

Now the phrasing in both examples can yield the same result of people with internet will connect their system.

People generally dont like being forced into a situation or being told what they can/cannot do. However if you convince people by telling them that there is a benefit to doing things a certain way, the attitude changes and people are more accommodating.

Sony no doubt wants people to be connected and has presented their case in a manner that people feel convinced that connecting their system will benefit them.

MS is being to strong to push the idea. Instead of explaining why, they are just saying you have to do it this way. Now that may have worked 10 years ago when the adoption of broadband was much lower. but there was a benefit to the consumer by switching from dial up to broadband.

We dont really have dialup anymore (still available in some areas) but since then there are more and more people and families and countries that are adopting high speed internet at a much faster rate than ever.

MS is taking advantage of that statistic but they arent explaining to the consumer how their system benefits from being connected. they are just saying you must adapt or else. Sony is at least explaining there is a benefit to being connected.

If these two were political candidates...which would you believe? The one that is saying this is the law or the one that says here is how the law benefits you?

xHeavYx2005d ago

You are full of it. Simple scenario, you have Person A, who has a PS4, and Person B, who has an Xbox One. Neither of them has internet access of any type. After 24 hours, who can still use the console to play games?.
Same scenario, this time both individuals have internet access, but don't have PS+ or Xbox gold. Which one can use other apps like Netflix?
One more scenario. The 2 individuals have more than 1 friend, they bought a game and want to share it, who gets to share the game more than once?
M$ is not being strong, they are being greedy, trying to force unnecessary things that just angers their consumers

LoveOfTheGame2005d ago

I can also share games with multiple friends with the Xbox one, the difference is I don't have to give them a disc that they can scratch up.

xHeavYx2005d ago

You can transfer the game to 1 friend (it gets deleted from your account)

LoveOfTheGame2005d ago

10 person shared library, read once in awhile.

They also plan on having a system for people to loan/rent games on Xbox One.

darthv722005d ago

your scenarios are unrealistic. At least the first one is because if a person does not have internet, there is no need to buy a console that is able to connect to the internet. Xb1 requires internet and the PS4 may not require it but there is more benefit if you do have it. Especially if that individual is into multiplayer and the game does not offer local multiplayer.

Now you have just implied that every game sony makes (1st party) will have to have local multiplayer so they can remain true to their word of the system can be enjoyed offline by friends and family.

your 2nd scenario makes sense though. If that individual has internet but is not a member of live gold or PS+ will still be able to enjoy the single player aspect of the games/apps that do not require such access.

your 3rd scenario can differ depending on the friend and if you trust them with your game or if you say to them the game is good and they need to go get their own. I used to loan games out when i was a kid. they would get lost or broken.

I dont do that anymore and any responsible gamer would choose to not loan their stuff to someone else. No matter how trustworthy they may isnt worth the headache of wondering, when am i going to get this back.

mewhy322005d ago

This is an easy choice. PS4 all the way.

rainslacker2005d ago

I just don't get it. They could have said it doesn't require a connection at all. Then they could have said, with a 24-hour connection you have access to all these nice features(some of which are nice in terms of sharing a game digitally, playing anywhere, etc). If you didn't want to check in, just pop your disc in for authentication, and everyone would be ok with it. They would tout the features being connected provided. They would accept connecting their system to have them.

Instead, MS alienates their customers.

2nd hand sales are obviously a different issue, but yeah.

Spencer says
"We're obviously trying to build games and a platform that people will love and invest their time and money in."

My response: Try harder MS. Actually listen to the people that will buy those games and invest in the platform.

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Anthotis2005d ago

The fact that he says short term would suggest that they would change policy if things go pear shaped, and i hope it does.

Blackdeath_6632005d ago

it would be already too late by that point.

LOGICWINS2005d ago (Edited 2005d ago )

^^I remember people saying the same about the PS3 after it launched a year after the 360. "Its too late" Fastforward 7 years and it outsold the 360 worldwide. Its not "too late". The console hasnt even launched yet. Only 3% of potential consumers will buy these at launch, the real test will be when these consoles get their first price drop, thus penetrating a bigger percentage of consumers.

Why are we repeating these doom and gloom fantasies when we are consistently proven wrong(3DS, PS3, Wii etc.)?

Drekken2005d ago

LOGICWINS - The PS3 actually has plenty of redeeming qualities plus excellent first party studios pumping out my favorite games of this generation. THAT is why the PS3 beat the 360.

NatureOfLogic2005d ago

@ LOGICWINS, I don't get why everyone keeps bringing up PS3 launch even though it wasn't nearly as bad. If Sony did this with PS3 launch, I still wouldn't have one till this day. I won't be supporting Xbox in the future, because if they do change, It will be because they were forced to, not because they support gamers.

LOGICWINS2005d ago (Edited 2005d ago )

@Drekken- And we have the next 6-8 years to SEE those first party exclusives get pumped out. Gamewise, the Xbox One shows MUCH more launch promise than the PS3 did way back in 2006.

The One's main weakness is DRM. The PS3's weakness was price. BOTH are things that can be remedied with the snap of a finger. DRM is software based..not hardware based. A simple firmware update can change all this.

"I won't be supporting Xbox in the future, because if they do change, It will be because they were forced to, not because they support gamers."

Sony was also FORCED to change. You think they INTENDED to have a $100 price drop for the PS3 less than a year after launch? C'mon don't turn into fanboys now people. Everything has been going good for the past week.

Drekken2005d ago

LOGIC - We are going to have to agree to disagree. I am more excited about Sony's games. I wasn't amazed enough with the 360 exclusives to warrant an always on mic and camera in my house run by Microsoft. I rent games all the time too. Me and the one wouldn't get along well. Sony has the best studios under their wing that hasn't even given us a peak at what they are doing. MS we have to hope another studio will sell them an exclusive. Their first party is dismal at best.

If this generation is anything to base your purchase on, think about this: 2013 the PS3 has it's best games coming out (Last of Us, GT6, Beyond) and the 360 hasn't had an exciting game in a long time. I want to give my money to the company that cares about the customer. MS has done nothing over the last 5 months to make me think they give two ***** about me.

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Thirty3Three2005d ago

I agree, Fluffy.

On another note, TARDIS. That is all :)

s8anicslayer2005d ago

Xbox got 99 problems and it"s name is One!

xxLuckyStrike2005d ago

who the hell is callin the shots at Xbox Division!!

2005d ago
2cents2005d ago

24hr check in fine if you want to use the online functionality and hot swapping of games without the disc loaded etc.

Disc based usage ONLY when there is no internet or the 24 hour period elapses, no checkin required, no access to digital downloads.

Or... Deny the ability to trade in digital downloads completley, so that once you have downloaded and purchased a game via live then its yours forever, thats it. Why is that so hard to implement?

That way MS could have a standard traditional games console when the user is offline, and a futuristic all singing all dancing megatron when the internetz is alive.

BlindGuardian2005d ago

for commenters here are still asking why they're doing the 24 hs check thing:

On the xbox one games can run directly from the HDD without having the disc on the tray. Also gamers can be sell their used games at certain retailers approved by MS. These retailers will ask your your gamertag/LIVE account and will have a system where they will log that you sold the game.


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Dlacy13g2005d ago

I wouldn't have expected any other answer at this point, nor should anyone else. Its been literally less than a week since the policy was "stated". Yes there is a lot of negative reaction...but if they are going to change something they need to make sure whatever they do change to works. They can't go back 3 and 4 times and change things... that more than anything would create even more confusion. If they were to drop certain elements or expand the 24hr check it will be the one final revision to policy.

GamersRulz2005d ago

What I realized now is that Sony executed one of the most brilliant plans in corporations history. first they surprised MS with Feb reaveal, then they seized every opportunity to shift consumer focus in their favor. They used MS mistakes to their advantage. and they painted themselves as the pro-consumer. finally the dropped their $399, and no drm megatons at E3.

Convas2005d ago

Sony has played their next-gen cards masterfully indeed. A complete turn around from the beginning of this gen.

pompombrum2005d ago

Sony didn't execute a brilliant plan at all.. Microsoft just shot themselves in the foot and Sony just peed on their crumpled body.

DxTrixterz2005d ago

Please for the love of god Microsoft, just stop talking about X1. Just give up on console wars. You already lost it. You are no longer in the big three. Now we only have big two. Sony and Nintendo. You keep making mistakes after mistakes. Just stop it.

SexyGamerDude2005d ago

I said it before. MS taking away your rights. The Stalin of the gaming world.

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