Used games and 'AAA' games are incompatible? Good.

Publishers overestimate their necessity

"Game developer Cliff Bleszinski has never been a fan of the used game market, and he's made his feelings on the Xbox One and PS4 policies quite clear -- he supports Microsoft's decision to "redefine" the concept of videogame ownership, in a bid to protect the way videogames are currently made."

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Emilio_Estevez1952d ago

Excellent article, love Sterling (for the most part). There are plenty of games that are successful without ridiculous budgets, examples everywhere.

Anon19741952d ago

Nice article. I see where Cliff is coming from. I do, but I don't agree that used games are the problem. As Jim stated, quite correctly, you don't have to go all out to produce a good game that makes you a tonne of money. It's a developers decision to ramp up the cost of production, it's not some choice that's forced upon them. Used games wouldn't be an issue if spending was reined in.

Emilio_Estevez1952d ago

Exactly. There is also the problem of almost all games costing $60 at launch. You can't put a game like Skyrim out for that much and then expect people to be okay paying the same amount for a movie tie in game.

Anon19741952d ago

And that's the other thing. There's no tiered pricing structures for games (other than what we see for digital titles). Like you pointed out, we shouldn't be paying $60 for a huge AAA title and then expected to shell out $60 for a movie tie in, or some simple game for kids. Digital distribution and the pricing there helps, but all disk based games shouldn't be the same price at launch.

despair1952d ago

yea this was an amazing read with very valid points, we need more articles like these.

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Mikelarry1952d ago

there are so many games franchise i got into by buying them used

prince of persia
saints row
god of war

and the list goes on. if not for used game i would never have supported the franchise to buy the next installments at retail prices. i keep saying this the day used games go that is that day all these publishers will start dropping like flies because if you are not a proven publisher why in the hell would i want to try out your franchise when i haven't played any of your other games to get a feel of maybe i would want to support you.

yugovega1952d ago

do these developers not realize to become a used game someone had to buy it new? and after they trade/sell it then someone else gets it. but the point is they are still supporting the same amont of gamers. it's not like the person hat traded it still plays it. most people that buy a used game does so because it's cheaper. so they may get money out of the cheaper gamers but it'll be when the games are in the bargain bin for 19.99 or less and this new plan will cause aot of people who would normally buy games day 1 to wait as well?.

FullMetalTech1952d ago

I liked the article. He really did have interesting points on the subject.

Games like Journey, Minecraft, even F2P games while low budget have been raking in cash and probably have had smaller budgets.

We as consumers shouldnt be penalized for trying to rent a game and see if we like it. Or that were to blame that your story line for a AAA game sucked so we want to get rid of it.

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The story is too old to be commented.