Lots of 3DS games in the works E3 2013

Nintendo has promised a good year for the 3DS by releasing more games for the handheld console. In Nintendo’s E3 Analyst Briefing, the company has said “We plan to intensively release key first-party titles into the market throughout this year so that the Nintendo 3DS business in all global markets will gain momentum.”

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Moonman2050d ago

3DS is the best handheld I have EVER owned. ;p

-MD-2049d ago (Edited 2049d ago )

I've only logged about 10 hours on mine so far but It's definitely on par with how fun the Gameboy color was a decade ago.

(I skipped PSP/DS)

Dark_Vendetta2049d ago

I probably wouldn't go this far, but still, I totally love my 3DS XL! There are already plenty of great games available, and many promising looking ones soon to be released