Final Fantasy XIV Feels Surprisingly Good on PS3

During E3, we had a chance to swing by Square Enix's booth for a chance to play the PS3 version of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn.

Going into this, the biggest question on our mind was how would the controls feel? After all, Final Fantasy XIV includes the traditional hotkey skill bar commands. How can that be translated to the PS3's DualShock controller without feeling completely awkward?

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VileAndVicious1956d ago (Edited 1956d ago )

Still debating whether or not to get this for my pc or ps3...
Can't wait till August.

Lovable1956d ago

Get for PC? It's a no brainer man since it'll be the better version.

Anyways, I already preordered this on PS3 and I can't frigging wait for it.

Drekken1956d ago

How about you play some games your friends are playing and quit messing around with mediocre games!

VileAndVicious1956d ago

Lol I just dont know about Tera man...I just dont know

Drekken1956d ago

See the abuse I put up with to mess with you, Vile? haha

Toon_Link1956d ago

You can get mods for the PC that will be impossible to get for ps3 and you'll be able to use a controller either way. I'd recommend going PC if you got the power to run the game smoothly. And this is coming from someone that played FFXI for years on the ps2 and x360 and saw how PC players had a clear advantage with recast timers and tons of other features.

Also considering how well SE made the UI for this game the need for mods are far and few between, the difference will be less glaring for sure.

Oh and if XIV is anything like XI every time a new expansion comes out you'll have the option to buy an ultimate edition with all the current expansions for an extra 10 dollars so switching will be pretty cheap if you feel you picked the wrong platform.

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TopDudeMan1956d ago

At this rate, I think they'd be better off delaying it for the PS4 release. The PS3 fan base will be migrating over soon.

Minato-Namikaze1956d ago

its still coming to PS4 in 2014.

Lovable1956d ago

You know this is what kinda made me worry. I might have to buy a separate copy for PS4 later on the PS4 cycle

Tdmd1956d ago

I'd be nice if ps3 ps4 and pc players could play together.

dendenmooshi1956d ago

Source? My ps3 and computer are in the same room, and I'd like to play with my brother

Toon_Link1956d ago (Edited 1956d ago )

Dude FFXI plays on PC ps2 and x360 all at the same time and same goes for ffxiv, I don't have a source readily available but I've read it in producer blogs I would try googling it.

Me and my wife are huge FFXI fans played for over 7 years and we have been planning on playing one on PC and one on ps2 since launch, but it wouldn't hurt to do some research.

Here's a SE rep answering questions on the ps blog look at comment #17

Blankolf1956d ago

I played the beta, and sadly the main character didn't had voice on him/her during cutscenes, can somebody tell me if this is this ment to be changed or not?

Lovable1956d ago

I bet there will be voices. We're in 2013 I mean come on lol

Tdmd1956d ago

It's an mmo. Isn't this to be expected?

Firan1956d ago

Uh.. Do you mean your PC or NPC main characters? If NPC there will be voices. If PC then no. PCs don't even have dialogue in cutscenes.

Blankolf1956d ago

OMG that's almost a deal breaker there and removes the feel to the story the only games i forgive this are neverwinter nights 2 and dragon age..

Firan1956d ago

It would be weird if you had a voice. Kinda breaks the immersion imo. They don't want to create a fixed personality in your PC because you are the PC.

dendenmooshi1956d ago

Is it confirmed that there'll be no cross play between PC and PS?

The_Truth_24_71956d ago

I don't like 15 frames per second. The game looked like ran terrible on the PS3. Will definitely try it on the PS4.