The Witcher 3 isn’t “about the size, it is about the quality and intensity of the world.”

The world is thirty-five times the size of The Witcher 2, but the developers at CD Projekt Red made sure to note that it isn’t “about the size, it is about the quality and intensity of the world”, and that is what makes it stand out among other things.

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Hellsvacancy1954d ago

The Witcher 3 looks awesome, im happy im going to be able to play it on the PS4, im SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO hoping the first two games are announced

TechnicianTed1954d ago

Maybe the second game, but I doubt they will bother porting the first other. The second was more console friendly, the first wasn't.

mewhy321954d ago

I feel confident that it's going to be best on PS4

ifritAlkhemyst1954d ago

I feel more confident it will be better on PC.

I say that without any ill will intended lol. Glad you enjoy these quality games.

Locksus1954d ago

it most likely won't, because CDPR said it will be best on PC

Simon_Brezhnev1954d ago

Probably my number 1 game next gen with FF15.

JsonHenry1954d ago

Anyone that has ever played a Witcher game knows why this game makes your head explode with anticipation.

ifritAlkhemyst1954d ago

We'll see. I'm waiting for a quality open world game that isn't 75% dead space. The first 2 Witcher games were good, hopefully CD P succeeds here and people will realize that Bethesda games suck in comparison.

ifritAlkhemyst1954d ago

Indeed. Bought it recently for PC. Logged 50+ hours in a week and a half.

IIC0mPLeXII1954d ago

As long as the combat isn't as mind numbingly stupid as it was in the second it should be good