10 Ways Sony’s PS4 Destroyed Microsoft’s Xbox One At E3

WC: It’s safe to say that few of us expected to see the next-gen gaming landscape shaken up as profoundly as it was last night during Sony’s superb media briefing, which near-unanimously seemed to give them the lead in the impending console war. A series of integrity moves by the company made it clear that they were taking a stand for serious gamers, as they systematically delivered gut-punch after gut-punch to Microsoft’s widely-criticised restrictions, and then even more unexpectedly, its price.

So rapturously received was Sony’s conference that it’s easy to forget that they didn’t wheel out many hugely-anticipated new franchise entries – such as, say, Uncharted 4 – but in cementing their business mindset as starkly opposed to Microsoft’s, they have done themselves no end of favours in the war ahead.

Here are 10 ways Sony destroyed Microsoft at E3.

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ritsuka6661953d ago (Edited 1953d ago )

My god,these articles are by the hundreds now in N4G. -_-

Cam9771953d ago

Because it deserves it.
Head here and see what true XBOX fans think:
Of course they are.

You should jump ship too (judging from the tone of your comment, you're an XBOX fanboy).

ritsuka6661953d ago (Edited 1953d ago )

Calling people "deserve" this invalidates everything you're trying to say.

creatchee1953d ago

You know, he could just be a fan. Fans typically support their console of choice, while fanboys attack the console they didn't buy. Fans play games and fanboys play "mine's bigger".

Or he could just be making an observation.

Moonman1953d ago

The Dark Sorcerer put a spell on M$. :)

Cam9771953d ago

Haha, go on Amazon and type in 'XBONE' and look at the suggestions.