Kingdom Hearts 3 Announced 'Too Early' Says Nomura

Square Enix managed to recapture the imaginations of a whole horde of Kingdom Hearts fans during the Sony press conference, as they announced that Kingdom Hearts 3 was in development. However, the series' creator Tetsuya Nomura had some words of warning.

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dp2774071956d ago

Well At least we'll see it on the PS5.

Firan1956d ago

After countless spinoffs in between.

himdeel1956d ago (Edited 1956d ago )

PS5 is being WAAAY too generous! Maybe on PS7 or 8 but 5?! I want what you're smoking. This is SE we're talking about...and it will probably be for mobile devices only.

1956d ago
Juxtor1956d ago

Why am I not surprised at all about this? LOL

Typical Squeenix is typical.

mephman1956d ago

They just can't help themselves, they really can't.

Man-E-Faces1956d ago

He's right, and the disappointing part it's not even exclusive to PS4 so why even bother, honestly the truth is if it wasn't for Microsoft's drm nonsense Sony would of had a terrible e3 showing.

colonel1791956d ago

If the Xbox sells as horrible as everybody seems to be abandoning ship, then the Xbox version might get cancelled. Everyone I know to be fan of Xbox is not getting one.

Las time a lot of people said that if the 360 and PS3 launched at the same time, MS wouldn't have had any lead and the support it got from developers. This gen the consoles are releasing practically at the same time, so it should be very interesting how it plays out. Specially since Xbox seems to US centric (at least will be for a few months). However, MS won't hesitate to throw money at developers just so they don't do PS exclusives, not even in Japan where the Xbox sells like 10 consoles per month.

Sony has a lot of games to be announced though. I too, think that the conference was weak if it wasn't for the DRM stuff. The only great thing was the price announcement. However, they have Gamescon, and TGS to continue showing stuff.


SexyGamerDude1956d ago

You're not going to buy it just because it's for another console? Suit yourself.

The game looks boss and I'm buying it for the PS4 no matter what.

badz1491956d ago

c' looks like is can be done on the PS2!

I know it's supposed to look a bit cartooney but the textures and character models looks too outdated!

soraalam11955d ago

Done on PS2? Look at this higher quality trailer and say that again.

Black-Helghast1956d ago

F*cking finally someone understands my point. Don't get me wrong, I'll still buy the game but I'm not as excited..

Pozzle1956d ago

Sigh. Why am I not surprised? >_>

SexyGamerDude1956d ago

Well, what do you expect?

You guys kept bitching "I want to see KH 3" and "Where is KH 3?"
He probably didn't want to show it so soon but he got tired of hearing people cry, whine, and bitch like babies.

NBT911956d ago

Oh come on. KH2 came out in 2006! It is perfectly reasonable that fans were becoming impatient.

King-Prodigy-X1956d ago

Oh God no, another 7 years of waiting incoming. At least FF XV should be out fall 2014 or early 2015.

wishingW3L1956d ago

if the game was coming fall 2014 they would have announced it but they didn't, so the wait will be much longer.

King-Prodigy-X1956d ago

Why would they announce a release date when they still have FF XIII-3 to get out the door. They never announce a release date for a game when its not releasing in its fiscal year.

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The story is too old to be commented.