PS4 playable at Gamescom, details on DRM and used games - Shuhei Yoshida interview

Shuhei Yoshida, Sony Worldwide Studios, talks with PCG about PlayStation 4, used games, DRM, and more. The PlayStation 4 will be playable at this year's Gamescom, Yoshida said.

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merciless1957d ago

We need another ps4 conference/meet there's simply too much info I need lol

I want to see the os and what it looks like from power up. I need this thing now, don't think I can wait until November.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1957d ago

The should have another conference a week before launch.


I believe they already confirmed to have conferences in Gamescom (Europe - August), Tokyo Game Show (Asia - September) and Brasil Game Show (Latin America - October), they have plenty of chances to show more, adress concerns and give specifics for each market all before the release in Novermber or December.

poopsack1957d ago

at least you can see a potential boot screen in this nice vid with fake people.

sprinterboy1957d ago

20 seconds in bottom right looks like a golf cup with flag, so hopefully thats hotshots golf

aCasualGamer1957d ago

Hey thanks for sharing that vid! The interface looks amazing.

listenkids1957d ago

Gamescom - Naughty Dog & SSM GoW3 dev reveals
TGS - Persona 5
Christmas - $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$$

first1NFANTRY1957d ago

TGS: The Last Guardian, Level 5 exclusive RPG

iistuii1957d ago

We're they not playable at E3 ? As I've seen the X1 being played.

GamersRulz1957d ago

details on DRM?

What DRM?... I think Sony made everything clear in their conference.

Death1957d ago

How was it clear? They said they had no plans of impimenting DRM, but it was up to third party publishers if they wanted it or not. What is clear about that?

KingWookiee1957d ago

They were very clear Death! What wasn't clear about them saying it would be just like the PS3?

GamersRulz1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

conference link:

@ 1:57:10

I suggest you watch it.

if you don't speak English, then tell me so I can provide you with a good translation.

Serg1957d ago

Oh for gods sake now you're just being deliberately stupid. If you really wanted to know you would know by now. There have been dozens of articles, interviews and videos about this already. They already said, things like online passes and stuff will be up to publishers, there is no DRM what so ever (other than burned discs not working, obviously) regarding disc based games. Single player will always work. The online part is up to publishers, and many, if not all of the big ones, already stated they are doing away with online passes.

To make it even simpler: It's the exact same way it works now with the PS3.

first1NFANTRY1957d ago

marked as a troll. what was stated at the conference wasn't hard to comprehend.

Death1957d ago

"The DRM decision is going to have to be answered by the third parties, it’s not something we’re going to control, or dictate, or mandate, or implement,” -Jack [email protected]

EA did away with online passes. Obviously that is not the DRM in question. Jack said clearly it is up to third parties to decide. Big difference from saying it will not happen on the PS4. The plan is to keep it the same as the PS3 model, which is "leave it up to third parties" to decide. If third parties find success on the XboxOne with the DRM in place, they can stipulate the same measures be taken with their intellectual property on the PS4. Sony clearly said this is ok and they will not say no.

rainslacker1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

Bullet points incoming.

-It has no plans on implementing DRM

-It is up to third party publishers if they wanted to or not.

You said it is it not clear?

If that isn't enough more bullet points from the Sony conference

-Trade in games at retail
-Sell it to another person
-Lend it to a friend
-or keep it forever

Sony clarifies there will be no online passes. They flat out said they will not allow them. PS+ MP fee takes care of that.

Taken from this however in other reports, is that online features could still be restricted by the publisher. As to what extent is unknown, but a full on online pass will not be allowed. DRM will likely be in the form of games just needing to be online to play, such as an MMO is now. Other restrictions have to be implemented and provided by the publisher, not Sony.

Hope that's clear enough for you. I know you're trying to make Sony out to be a bad guy, just like everyone was saying, "Wait and see, Sony will do it too", but realistically, being anti-DRM is the cool thing to be right now, so publishers aren't going to want to suffer the backlash. Both EA and Ubisoft are distancing themselves from MS on this issue...that should be pretty telling. The only people that don't get it, are the ones that want Sony to have this stuff for some stupid fan boy agenda.

I also have to ask...if you're so pissed off at a potential scenario that is unlikely to happen on PlayStation, why aren't you pissed off at the definite scenario on the Xbox?

Death1957d ago

I'm not pissed about DRM. I understand why it is needed for gaming to survive. What annoys me is the fact Sony doesn't have the balls to make a decision and actually stand by it. They are allowing third parties to decide what form if any DRM is used and said they simply offer the platform and won't decide it for them. If third parties use it, they are the bad guys now. Sony effectively slapped them in the face. EA and Ubi do not want the backlash associated with DRM right now since the public is making it worse than it really is. Do you honestly feel they disagree with their own user agreements and don't want to get any of the billions lost annually to piracy and used sales?

Microsoft is taking the heat for stepping up for developers and publishers. It's a bold and unpopular move, but required for games to keep being made the way gamers demand. Sony is taking advantage of this for their own PR needs. If and when DRM hits the PS4 like it has every other device on the planet, what does that say about Sony? They are cowards that let others do what is needed just like they did with paid online, broadband, and new controls that expand the userbase. You want to cheer that on, go ahead. I'm a fan of integrity.

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sags791957d ago

"The PlayStation 4 will be playable at this year's Gamescom"

Um... so there weren't any PS4 playable console/games in this E3? What about those inFamous/Killzone demos media are reporting? I wouldn't be surprised if they were running from a devkit, jsut have heard nothing about it.

iistuii1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

I was thinking the same thing. Something doesn't sit right with me. There was no playable consoles, the Driveclub game, which is said to be a launch title was shown in a video demo 35% complete, surely if he console is being released in November it would be playable at the biggest event of the year. Maybe they are saving it fo Gamescom.

Serg1957d ago

Just watch the interview, he said they are playable at E3. The question was specific to GamesCom and he said yes.

FullMetalTech1957d ago

Both companies have their demos running on devkits that match the respected consoles specs. No need to worry. Its probably that they both need to finalize the manufatufing and the paperwork in place for the hardware to get production started. Its posible that by August 21st youll see the final product actually being played.

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