I Played As The Mighty Fighter In Dragon’s Crown And Stole A Dragon Mount | Siliconera Preview

Dragon’s Crown encourages players to revisit dungeons because loot is random. Similar to Diablo or a roguelike, loot is created by the game with various magical properties.

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rextraordinaire2006d ago

Good thing they went for shared loot. Gonna make it better for online play. :)

FamilyGuy2005d ago

There are also thieves that can steal your loot!
In the E3 gameplay trailer a message popped up saying "A filthy thief stole your loot!" So you still gotta grab it pretty quick or kill those guys off fast.

Can't wait for this.

Blastoise2006d ago

Theres a few new trailers for this recently. Looks really good!

KrimsonKody2006d ago

I can't wait!
This game is BEAUTIFUL!
I loved Odin Sphere, finished all the stories, & I think this game will be no less great.