Amazon Holds PS4 vs Xbox One Vote, PS4 Winning By Embarrassingly Insane Ratio

Amazon, the world’s largest online retailer, has a huge multiplatform fanbase with allegiances to both parties, so their audience’s reaction to the Xbox One must be sending chills down Microsoft’s spine. - PSLS

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Cam9771954d ago (Edited 1954d ago )


Sony, welcome back to your true glory. We've not seen you this brilliant since the PS2 days.

warewolfSS1954d ago

This might be the most disturbing comment ever on this site.r

kneon1954d ago

All my friends that currently have 360's have already abandoned ship, and I didn't even need to push them overboard :)

WolfOfDarkness1954d ago

OMG ! As expected , and I never though it will be that bad for Microsoft ?

Muerte24941954d ago

friend went yesterday and traded in our Xbox360's to reserve PS4.

T21954d ago

you don't need to convince anyone.. My friend with only a 360 this gen, sent me the pre-order info on the ps4, before I even talked to him!

quenomamen1954d ago

Rise up Comrades ! rise up now ! For too long you have been told lie after lie, for far too long you have been told it is for your own good, that they know what is best for you. Now is the time to revolt !

Now is the time to show them you can make your own choices, yes my fellow gamers the Revolution will be fought, not out in a cold, blood soaked battlefield, but in out living rooms, and our hearts and minds ! Yay tho they have not listened to our voices ! The sound you make with your wallets shall be deafening !! Arise, arise !!!!

abzdine1954d ago

i really have to move my ass and pre-order one before i will regret it!!!
these numbers are scary, Sony have been in a dream world since february and now it's even bigger.
next Gamescom and then TGS! big things will be announced there and with all this situation around xbox japanese for sure aren't gonna support it!

Greatness awaits

Sevir1954d ago

With someone who preordered the Xbox one, The sales rep at gamestop let it slip that of the 100 Xbox one and PS4 spots up for preordered, PS4 has 88, spots filled verses the 22 spots filled for MS's all in one entertainment system, I became spot number 89. People aren't happy with MS's 180° turn with it's fanbase, which is why Sony's conference resonated. Everyone got hyped for the halo 5 teaser for the Xbox one, but when MS said Nov 2013 at $499 for the Xbox one availability with all that DRM bs the tune was no clapping.

egidem1954d ago

Ladies and gentlemen,

This is pretty much what happens when you tell your fanbase:


oof461954d ago

I play a lot of battlefield, and 4 of my friends on 360 have put in preorders for ps4. Microsoft...damage control...damage control...


I am all over it... I was an xbox fan but boy MS have gone out of their way to prove they don't care about me as a customer, they don't care about the 8 years I have been on xbox live.

it's all good. I know they don't owe me anything, but like wise we do not owe them anything. They are not providing the service I want anymore, it's as simple as that.

loulou1954d ago


microsoft you have less than 5 months to turn this around, or i have a feeling that it will be like the ps2 // xbox era all over again.

the stars are aligning, and microsofts horoscope doesn't read well.

i still have both pre-ordered and that is not going to change.

BattleAxe1954d ago (Edited 1954d ago )

I know a couple people at work who are going with the PS4 this time around.

Things just aren't looking good for Microsoft in general:

- Windows 8 is not capturing peoples attention
- Windows Phones are not very popular
- Xbox One looks to be a flop
- Google Chrome and Firefox seem to be the browsers of choice with most people I talk to
- Open Office software is growing in popularity as is Google Docs
- Games for Windows Live is a complete failure
- Valve is helping to bring Linux to the forefront
- Microsoft Surface hasn't caught on with consumers
- Gmail is far more popular than Outlook
- the Zune was a failure

Balmer is wrecking Microsoft, and theres nothing that anyone can do about it lol

Developers Developers Developers Devlopers

DOMination-1954d ago

I don't know if sony are back to their former glory as op suggests. I dont think their e3 was strong at all but ms is just gifting this to them with so many bad decisions and pr that sony doesn't need to be top of their game.

Gigaguy7771954d ago

Heh, I've persuaded most of my friends (about 6 or 7) to get an X1 as opposed to PS4. MS is in it's glory too, people are too busy focusing on the stuff that most likely doesn't affect them, than the console itself.

SolidStoner1954d ago

those people who pre-ordered fail box obviously dont read news, and dont have fiends to talk to, and dont use internet... so we dont loose nothing this time around...

funny thing is.. if people who pre order xbox and dont use online/internet connection to a console.. will be pissed.. very!!!

so I predict most of them will return!!!!!

Anarki1954d ago

Seriously, Microsoft must be trying to use this to get out of gaming because no one can be this retarded.

YNWA961954d ago

What a bunch of suckers..... Not seen this since atari v commodore.... And back then not one person bought a game.... These people are upset because they might have to pay full price for a new game....

nosferatuzodd1954d ago

People don't really get it this is a nazi move by Microsoft
Look I'm a Sony fan but I'm not that blind if Sony did this crap I would stay away from them has well.

Forget about ps4 buy a PC instead or wii u just don't sopport this crap from Microsoft
remember this is bigger than ps4 vs Xbox this is about freedom if Microsoft succeeds then
Kiss you're asss goodbye with owning you're own game

showtimefolks1954d ago


That's just wrong man, MS did say if you have no net connection buy a xbox360 so why are people buying ps4's when a perfectly great system in xbox360 could be playable offline. I swear you Sony fans are nuts

Goes on to amazon ordered a ps4

I am back, no MS I want to be able to play my system offline which is next gen and actually mores powerful than the one which is the weaker one

How many jokes could we come up about the one?

Now that was sarcasm

MS you deserve this and more, make sure you are wearing protection because you are in bd with a dirty white known as EA. one condom isn't enough also. Protect yourself before you catch something

EA/MS a match made in hell

EA we gonna get rid of online passes see we are nice guys
MS ok now to plan B lets charge people full price for used games instead of $9.99 for online passes

malol1954d ago

this feels like some sort of propaganda

FightFans1954d ago

totally agree with you, i can't wait to get my hand on ps4.

Cueil1954d ago

the PS2 days were horrible... innovation had stalled for the most part and Sony purposely sabatoged Dreamcast forums and fan sites... it was really bad back then. Microsoft threw a wrench in their plans and forced them to stop messing around and more forward... to create a real online system and to look at the cloud. This industry has never done well in a compitionless environment.

gta28001954d ago

My Friend was really interested in the Xbox and said he didn't know which one to get. I gave him the 411 on the DRM and online stuff and he went to go reserve a PS4 lol. It's much more serious that some people think.

pompombrum1954d ago

Just gets better and better for Sony. Remember checking this article out about 15 hours ago and the votes were one 18k PS4 1k Xbone. Since then the PS4 has gained over 9000 votes while the Xbone couldn't even get 500

cedaridge1953d ago (Edited 1953d ago )

I already got my ps4 reserve. Really just what was Microsoft thinkin?

braydox211953d ago

Thats right join the innovators not the immitators

Simmons931953d ago

I am Xbox gamer never owned a ps3 but in all honestly everyone here are consumers, playstation actually listened to the consumers, we don't need convinced, anyone with half a brain can see that Sony learned we aren't pushovers. So based on Sonys approach in putting gamers first, I will happily make the move to ps4

TAURUS-5551953d ago

this is the right time to finally destroy MS days of anarchy.

cmon everybody you can do it join us ¡¡¡

user55757081953d ago

just discussed with 4 of my friends over wings last night. ps4 is the console of choice and they all played xbox last gen.

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OlgerO1954d ago

I think that the PS4 might even outsell in the US market while microsoft is putting all it efforts there and neglecting the rest of the world.

HammadTheBeast1954d ago

In Canada here, I'm honestly getting surprised at how much hype the PS4 has, even people who aren't gamers say its better and a lot of people are switching.

D-riders1954d ago

yeah if MS loses the market in the United States they are officially the next sega, just with more cash to burn, hehe

punisher991954d ago

"I think that the PS4 might even outsell in the US market while microsoft is putting all it efforts there and neglecting the rest of the world. "

Its currently destroying the xbox1 here in the U.S. in pre orders.

Tyre1954d ago (Edited 1954d ago )

Wow indeed! Just Wow. It speaks for itself. MS gets shown what people think of their restrictions.

xxLuckyStrike1954d ago

You'd think these dummies would change it up b4 its to late. Baffled by the ill logic.

hot4play1954d ago

ALL GAMERS around the world united under one banner - the PlayStation Nation!

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sobekflakmonkey1954d ago (Edited 1954d ago )

That's fair I guess, the xbox 360 did have an amazing start, it later tapered off and PS3 has been the go to console for the past 3-4 years, only people who never owned a 360 would say it has always sucked but the truth is, it didn't, when it was first launched it was actually pretty awesome, PGR, Dead Rising, Halo, the first Gears, it was actually pretty great, but then it just started to tank and I returned to the Playstation world and got a ps3, and I'm glad I did...

Why o why1954d ago

@ monkey, agreed. They started the gen in a very different mode from how they're ending it. Front loaded. Sony far more consistent.

GnarlyCharlieOx1954d ago

360 started right? 54.2% fail rate because they rushed it out to get ahead of sony. Microsoft has always been about $$$ and not the consumer.

Part of those sales in the beginning are probably due to people having to buy multiple 360s. I'm on my 3rd right now actually, and its an elite with a custom fan. Had to make sure it wouldn't overheat...

They fucked up last gen too, just not enough to lose their dedicated fan boys like they did this year. Plus they had a year lead on sony which made a HUGE difference in the beginning even though it was a rushed out unfinished product.

madara0sama1954d ago (Edited 1954d ago )

Playstation > XBOX > XBOX 360 > XBONE

a_squirrel1954d ago

Ah, I remember the original Xbox. Lots of fun playing Halo and Halo 2 split-screen

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VaporCell1954d ago

Lol I almost feel bad for MS. Anyways here's the link to the votes !

D-riders1954d ago

whos its getting out of control

Cryptcuzz1954d ago

Thanks for the link, I had to log onto facebook again after not being logged in for 2 years now just to vote for the PS4 !!!

TheTwelve1954d ago

This really isn't surprising, based on what both sides have to offer.

What *is* surprising is that Microsoft is going to lose their dominance over North America (and England). Having the American market is always what kept them going last gen...that will be no more...

...and be $100 more expensive...

...and have restricting DRM that makes you feel as if you don't own your own games...

...and be 50%-66% less powerful than the PS4.



monkey nuts1954d ago

Just a heads up: England is a part of the UK, not all of it. xD

YNWA961954d ago

I do not think Sony will dominate, even overtake xbox in US.... Xbox is like NFL, MLB in US.....

ajax171954d ago

Just added my PS4 vote. Almost 20x the Xbox One votes. It's almost sad... Almost.

stage881954d ago

It's now:

20,000 to PS4
1,000 to Xbone

This is just embarrassing.

solidmic1954d ago

Actually, the embarrassing part is that there are still so many people, that don't seem to mind having their rights stripped away from them! Absolutely pathetic to have such low esteem for yourself!!!

ziggurcat1954d ago

those 1,000 votes? all greenpowerz...

Tyre1954d ago (Edited 1954d ago )

@Solidmic above me. Yes, unbelievable isn't it? They like to take it up the PEEEP!

Death1954d ago

What rights are being stripped? I'm amazed that so many don't actually know their rights in regards to software.

YNWA961954d ago

These people are convinced Sony is not on the path to DRM.... They will not tell you, they are your friends. They are Gamers.... At least MS told you to your face.... Jeez.... This actually worked...

Saksoy1953d ago

When XBONE launches is there going to be anyone online to play with?

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Dee_911954d ago (Edited 1954d ago )

Remember Amazon gets affected by this used games thing too. Dont know what this has to do with anything but I thought I should mention it...

NateCole1954d ago

It's not just Amazon.

It everywhere on the net. Facebook, Twitter, G+, the comments section on Yahoo, CNN etc etc.

It's a bloodbath.

What also hasn't help the x1 is the recent NSA spy scandal. Mainstream that didn't believe in spy theorist are now openly afraid of always online devices which the X1 is.

Enemy1954d ago

The numbers are even more embarrassing now lmao.