Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Loses the Global Cooldown, CE “Instantly” Sold Out in Japan

One of the most controversial aspects of the first two phases of the beta of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn was the global cooldown shared between actions. It literally split the community in half and caused an enormous amount of internet mudslinging between the two camps.

Looks like the camp against it won this war, at least in part, as Director and Producer Naoki Yoshida shared in an interview.

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Smoey2005d ago

Can't wait for this re-release.

PcGamer2005d ago

comming for pc or not !!

R_aVe_N2005d ago

its on PC always has been XD since it is an MMO

Transporter472005d ago

They should of done this from the start, well glad they saw their mistake and fixed it.

Smoey2005d ago

Agreed. Even if you do not like the game you have to admit that any company willing to accept the publics verdict and rework a title from the ground up is pretty amazing.

ScubbaSteve2005d ago

Yea, the GCD system is a bit out of date. That stuff was for old MMOs where real time fighting mechanics weren't possible over the net or with the hardware. Most new games are moving towards something more like Tera's combat, and if we can get rid of that whole theme park style of game it'll turn out to be a better genre as a whole.

abcd2005d ago

FF XIV: ARR has a different director: Naoki Yoshida. He only joined the team some months after the release of version 1.0.

Haki11122005d ago

long as i get a copy when it comes out for free I bought 14 Collectors edition...

rezzah2005d ago

reselling them? Or are you the ULTIMATE COLLECTOR?

Haki11122004d ago

No lol bought 1 FF14 Collectors edition

Swiftcricket2005d ago

Anybody that has already played the game before doesn't have to buy it again.

Drabent2005d ago

Send me my beta code for ps3 NOW!!!

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