Rumor: Some Target stores selling The Last of Us two days early

Reports have emerged of Target employees mistakenly stocking The Last of Us on store shelves on Tuesday when the game hits stores on Friday. This isn't going to work out for everyone, but it is worth checking your local store to see if they will make this same mistake.

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ftwrthtx2047d ago

A Friday release is odd so I'm not surprised.

fsfsxii2047d ago

I got the game on sunday this week.

Rockefellow2047d ago

I tried to buy a copy in a Michigan store. The clerk rang it up for me, but looked puzzled and messed around for a second because the system literally wouldn't let him ring it up. He called over a manager, and they discovered the game didn't release until Friday, apologized, and told me I could come back then.

I acted surprised, but I was still a bit mad. I realize they can't sell it legally, but when I hear other people getting away with it, I wonder why it didn't work for me.