Game Over, Microsoft

Rich Bloomfield of Nizulo writes: "Personally, I think that we as a community need to take a stand against such policies, and vote with our wallets. Otherwise, companies like Microsoft will continue to infringe on our rights more and more, using false enemies such as ‘piracy’ to justify and solicit their means.

To top it all off, Sony announced the opposite; the PlayStation 4 is free of limitations on used games, will not need an always-online connection — or any online connection for that matter — and, almost as if to deliver the final blow, the PlayStation 4 will be $100 cheaper than the Xbox One, and will be region-free.

Now, as much as I love my Xbox 360 and all of its exclusives — hell, I’d even label myself an Xbox fanboy — I have to admit Microsoft’s defeat. All loyalties aside and facts considered, Sony’s PlayStation 4 is not only superior in terms of hardware but is also much more consumer-friendly. That’s fact. Not opinion."

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FrigidDARKNESS2007d ago

Lmao at the titlr very classy.

Nizulo2007d ago

Haha, upon further discussion, we've decided to actually keep things classy and change the title.

ORIGINAL TITLE: Game Over, Microsoft - Sony Bitch-Slapped You in the Face

360degrees2006d ago (Edited 2006d ago )

Honestly are we still on this "Doom and Gloom campaign" where clearly "The sky is Falling" and all is lost for Microsoft's Xbox One? Really my fellow gamers, regardless of your console of choice, or even personal bias, one has to admit that this amazing console is going to sell tremendously as indicated by all brick and mortar/online sources and their current pre order numbers. The masses will voice their opinion much much louder with their hard earned dollars, than the minority can holler their mental scenarios of Microsoft somehow going up into a poof of smoke and disappearing forever due to a few miniscule and inconsequential issues(nitpicking really ).

xHeavYx2006d ago

You have been spamming the same comments all over the place

Shadow Flare2006d ago (Edited 2006d ago )

Why are you defending them?

Actually baffled whenever I see xbutts defending the X bone

rmedtx2006d ago

@360degrees, As a consumer should be against what Microsoft is doing. If you don't have a problem with their restrictions, their higher price and the type of info Kinect can collect from you; by all means buy the console. But is up to us to tell the gaming industry which way we want them to go. If we support MS with this, the message that we are sending is that we are okay with their policies and I for sure am not.

Hicken2006d ago

Might have been a little classless. Good thing the contents are irrelevant, right?

... right?

Majin-vegeta2007d ago

More like got c**k blocked.

GamersHeaven2007d ago

More like got knocked the F out.

Narutone662007d ago

MS should take note when hardcore 360 fans are complaining. These are the people supporting their console and if MS ignore them, then it's game over for you. Don't bet on the casuals buying many games for your console.

NameRemoved00172007d ago

All my the people I know who still have xboxs are switching to PC or PS4 or both :D

SpinalRemains2006d ago

of course they are.

They know they're not actually part of MS and they don't take this personally. They use their brain and make the wise purchase.

I think it's funny seeing ppl vehemently defend it. Like they're part of the family. :-o

NameRemoved00172007d ago

Whens the Xbox getting buried and Microsoft giving up on the gaming industry to go hide behind what is left of their even worse platform games for windows.

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The story is too old to be commented.