Kojima: Next-gen versions of Metal Gear Solid 5 will look better than E3 trailer

"Once we start going into development for next-generation we're definitely looking for something better than [what] we have shown today," he said. Kojima added that the developer is aiming for a 60 frames per second refresh rate and a higher resolution for the game's Xbox One and PlayStation 4 releases.

Kojima said the next Metal Gear Solid will also feature interactivity with smartphones and tablets.

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Snookies121952d ago (Edited 1952d ago )

So wait... The footage we saw at Microsoft's conference was on current gen? Wow, that's crazy! Makes me wonder what they could have done on an exclusively next-gen title...

Donnieboi1952d ago

Why did he show current gen trailer for the Xbone conference? Perhaps he meant that the PS4 version will look better than the xbone version?

Just a guess. And of course, both versions will look better than the current gen. But I have a hard time believing that that trailer was current gen. The draw distance of the mountains, the particle effects, lighting, graphics in general--just NO way that is current gen.

The current gen version will likely not look as good as that trailer.

Outside_ofthe_Box1952d ago

I have a hard time believing that the trailer was current gen as well or else damn, kudos to Kojima for making the undisputed best looking game on current consoles.

The trailer was most likely an early build of next gen.

Hydrolex1952d ago

You guys need to realize the games will look so much better 2 3 years down the road...

Dee_911952d ago

im callin shenanigans

latincooker2141952d ago

i just seen the trailer again and you are right there's noooooooo way that trailer was not next gen. BUT we are talking about mr.Kojima. if anyone can do better it's him. PS4 FTW;)

PLASTICA-MAN1952d ago (Edited 1952d ago )

"This is why you see crisp edges and angles on the XOF patch, rather than smooth curves. In order to transform visible edges into curves, the game must support tessellation. By the time Metal Gear makes its debut on the next generation of consoles, we can look forward to tessellation and other techniques that will have a significant impact on in-game graphics."

Last year when first unveiling Ground Zeroes, Kojima talked about the mirror Skull Face is looking at with its rough edges, he confirmed that he could correct that with tessellation (from that time we got the hint to next-gen versions and the way they will look better)

KaBaW1952d ago

I take it as that the graphics will just improve on what they are now.

I_am_Batman1952d ago

There is no way this was current gen. Iguess he meant that they've worked on current gen version for a long time than started building it up to next gen. Since they haven't finalized next gen build yet it'll end up looking even better in the end.

MGS V was one of the best looking games of E3 already so hallelujah.

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LOGICWINS1952d ago

Come to think of it, I'm not surprised that was current gen. MGS4 isn't THAT far visually away from this trailer, a testament to the technical brilliance of MGS4.

Snookies121952d ago

MGS4 does still look amazing even to this day, but this is noticeably a step up. Not to mention it being open world this time 'round. :]

Donnieboi1952d ago

But that draw distance!!!

See, there's GREAT graphics (which MGS 4 & 5 share), but then there's TECHNICAL prowess. How in the world did Kojipro get that kind of draw distance??

Insanity if it's true. Whoa :O

LOGICWINS1952d ago (Edited 1952d ago )

@Snookies- But MGS4 came out at the beginning of this gen. Devs have had FIVE years to get more out of current gen hardware. If ND can produce a HUGE jump from Uncharted 1 to Uncharted 2 in only two years, I can see the jump from MGS4 to MGS5 being just as significant...if not more so than the UC1 to UC2 jump.

Beyond isn't even final code yet and it LOOKS like a PS4 exclusive.

@Donnieboi- These people are masters at their craft. Its their job to do whats seemingly impossible ;)

NameRemoved00171952d ago (Edited 1952d ago )

@Donnieboi more ram/vram = you can load more crap onto it so draw distance goes up. If they had this running on a Titan and like 16gb ram then ya the draw distance had better be amazing.

NarooN1952d ago

Kojima and his crew have a long history of extracting the power they need from systems. I remember how Metal Gear Solid didn't even have that fog of war in most areas of the game, like in the Heliport, you could go into first-person view and see that one soldier all the way across the map that was patrolling up on the catwalk, haha.

Then there was Zone of the Enders 2, which if you've played it or seen footage, just looks out of this world when you're in those huge battles. I still don't know to this day how the hell they managed to have ~100 enemies on screen at once with a shitload of particle effects everywhere, while maintaining a smooth framerate.

humbleopinion1952d ago

MGS4 barely runs at 600p resolution, is not open-world, and has very shoddy lighting in today's standards. Reminder:

This new fox engine looks like a generation ahead even on current gen consoles.

DrJones1951d ago

Of course this isn't current gen. It's technically impossible to make it look this good on this kind of scale. Yes there is a huge difference between this game technically from MGS4.

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showtimefolks1952d ago (Edited 1952d ago )

out of everything i saw at E3 MGS5 trailer/mini gameplay was the best thing i saw

when they are on the edge of the mountain and say welcome to Afghanistan damn that's stunning looking

i can't wait for this game Kojima stop playing my feelings give it to me now

also does kojima ever get a bad song for trailer lol, it seems like he always knows what song to pick

Oldman1001952d ago

"For this project we were using the PC to build the Fox Engine to create our game," Kojima explained in an interview at E3 today. "We're using the current-generation as a [guideline]."

"Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain's E3 presentation was "more tuned to current generation," Kojima said, in terms of the game's models and textures."

So from what I comprehend, the footage at microsofts conference was being rendered by a pc with settings and features representing current gen capabilities.

DrJones1951d ago

"So from what I comprehend, the footage at microsofts conference was being rendered by a pc with settings and features representing current gen capabilities"

That's a huge stretch.

DrJones1951d ago

Of course it wasn't current gen. 50 agrees are off the mark.

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jc485731952d ago

man, this means that one scene is going to look even more traumatizing. Aaarghh!!!!!!!

Donnieboi1952d ago

U mean that crazy scene when they cut open that lady's intestines? Man, that was gut-wrenching (pun intended).

Hufandpuf1952d ago

He doesn't make it clear if that was current gen or not, just that he was developing on current gen as a baseline.

I think the E3 trailer was PC footage

Plagasx1952d ago

I hate when devs do that crap..

Show the damn game off on PC and then not even release a PC version...-_-

NameRemoved00171952d ago

Dead rising 3 was running on a PC too xD

NarooN1952d ago

Battlefield 4 was running on a PC as well, even though they tried to pass it off as X1 footage lol.

seanpitt231952d ago

It wasn't done on the pc they haven't even started developing this game for the pc it was probably done on xbox one but he said that when the game comes out it will be even more polished than that what you saw at e3

Adexus1952d ago

Did you even read the article?

GamersHeaven1952d ago

Wow holy poop batman no way thats current gen PS4 version is going to blow our minds!

animegamingnerd1952d ago

so it was current gen WTF.....

Shuyin1952d ago (Edited 1952d ago )

Probably ran on a PC similar to current-gen specs. Don't expect that type of graphical fidelity but it will be pretty darn close to it.

In KJP we trust.

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