Ubisoft Developing Three More Of Its Games Into Movies

Watch Dogs, Far Cry, Rabbids Movies coming to a theater near you.

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Derekvinyard131979d ago

I agree, and its to late anyway a far cry movie has already been made, it was horrific

flashburnout1979d ago

Oh man, that's a horrific rating. Was that based on the game?


I would like to see a Far Cry movie starring Vaas, that would be awesome.

Greyslash1979d ago

Wasn't there already a Far Cry movie?
And wasn't it shit?

Diffraction_Fos1979d ago

Yes. Made by the critically acclaimed Uwe Boll. The next Speilberg. NOT.

solidt121979d ago

Of topic but I just saw a Assassins Creed commercial during the game and it was a PS4 and Xbox One commercial. I'm getting excited.