E3 2013: Ryse is Not Impressive, Thief is Meh

Andrew sees Ryse and Thief at E3 and is impressed by neither.

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FrigidDARKNESS2005d ago

Dont know what you ptalking about. Ryse is one of the best looking games at e3 majority ofgaming journalists says, however i do agree wiyh you on thief its look like a current gen game.

Kinger89382005d ago

Looks arent everything mate, i think from what they have shown, gameplay seems shallow

But ur right the graphics were great and all

Divine2005d ago

im a fan of Quality = sony . and i have to admit that ryse did look very good its one of my favorite games on the xbox one, I'm not buying that system though. .

medman2005d ago

Ryse looks great, but I'm not a fan of that hack and slash style of gameplay. The Order 1886 looks much more interesting to me with it's supernatural aspect.

nirwanda2005d ago

Ryse looked like alot of QTE's and thief looked like it played much better.
I think splinter cell looked a little better than thief though.

Redempteur2005d ago

I saw 2 vids of Ryse and i saw more QTes/min than in asura wrath ....

No thanks

Blastoise2005d ago

Yeah it was shiny but it looked boring as hell

DirtyMagician2005d ago

Ryse looked awesome, but gameplay looked really slow and clunky. The QTE seemed to slow the gameplay down way too much.

BlaqMagiq242005d ago

Well of course Ryse looks great. It's made by a company that only cares about graphics and not gameplay hence why it's not impressive.

dantesparda2005d ago

The graphics were good and the gsame looked good, but what concerns me is the framerate, it looked choppy at times

hellvaguy2005d ago


Prepare for the onslaught of the ng4 sony soldiers to come at your thread in full force.

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Hufandpuf2005d ago

Ryse - awesome
Thief - meh

Hufandpuf2005d ago

Thief looks like dishonered and not next-gen at all. I saw the demo and if people are interested that's fine, but It was glitchy and had many bugs.

TechnicianTed2005d ago (Edited 2005d ago )

'It was glitchy and had many bugs.'

It's still in production, it hasn't been finished yet.

'Thief looks like dishonered'

You've never played a Thief game then I take it?

Cam9772005d ago

Ryse looks like a very boring 'corridor' game. You'll play it through once then never touch it again. Why? Well, look at the demo! It plays itself, every kill prompts a quicktime event, where's the fun in that!?

Hufandpuf2005d ago

The developer said that they increased the damage for demo purposes so that it wouldn't take as many hits to prompt the execution kills so that it wouldn't take as long to show the game.

Also the game is going for a more realistic feel, so the enemies do not require 30 hit combos to kill them.

JunkieJedi2005d ago

A realistic feel? That would be pretty much a one hit kill then??

Feels a bit contradictory that they've artificially for E3 made it easier to kill people but want a more realistic feel for the finished product. Hitting someone twice with a sword would do a number on them...any more than that...NOT realistic.

hellvaguy2005d ago

" Hitting someone twice with a sword would do a number on them...any more than that...NOT realistic."

So I'mg guessing you've never once played an FPS game where you unload 1-2 clips before the kill or where it takes 2-3 body shots from a .50 cal sniper rifle.

It's tweaked this way to make it more fun. Has been done like this for um decades now?

2005d ago
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