Titanfall: Respawn's 'second skin'

Polygon: 'There’s a palpable hesitance in Respawn’s staff to talk much about the event — the point more than three years ago when Respawn founders Vince Zampella and the since-retired Jason West were fired by Activision from their last studio, Infinity Ward, later taking dozens of their former employees with them. It was an acrimonious split that chased Activision and the nascent Respawn for years as both parties sought to disentangle themselves from complicated legal agreements, complaints and contractual disputes. Even the driest news coverage painted these events as a tiring ordeal, and Respawn has clearly grown weary of talking about them. 'Our mantra is a brand new start,' said Joel Emslie, one of Respawn’s artists."

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NewMonday2006d ago

TitanFall is an experiment that could tilt the balance for "game disks as a software license delivery only".

what XB1 represents as anti-consumer rights hardware, TitanFall represents as software.