EA Aims to Get Extra $20-30 Out of Consumers Per Game Through DLC, Microtransactions

E3 might be all the rage for consumers, but investors are also keeping a close eye on everything that’s happening at the show. - PSLS

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Foolsjoker1955d ago

$30 worth of horse armor... yay

zeal0us1955d ago

Well you can say goodbye to a complete game, enjoy the cut content label as dlc.

Donnieboi1955d ago

EA and M$--a match made in hell (for gamers).

Letros1955d ago

Shouldn't it be, €A?

Christopher1955d ago

I've got an idea for getting more money from customers: make better games that have content worth its price. People will buy those in droves.

zeal0us1955d ago

EA: Making better games is too hard and requires more work.

EA: Worst games with less work and dlc with microtransaction........PROFIT !!!!

Then they wondering why they are down compared to the year before.

rainslacker1955d ago

I don't care so long as they don't cut content from the original game like they did with Mass Effect 3.

Other than that, that means some people will be paying more on average, since I think less than half of players consume DLC or MT. Unless they force that stuff into the experience, in which case I'll take my money somewhere else.

guess I'm saying I agree with CG

sinjonezp1955d ago

Selling a consumer a complete experience at 60 dollars is fine. I look at bf3 and said that was a complete game. When you release dlc such as the endgame dlc, I have no problem with that. What is the problem is situations like capcom. Where the dlc is already on the disc but locked away. The game should come to consumer s ready. Point blank simple

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Wedge191955d ago

They can aim, but I'm really good at dodging.

jc485731955d ago

sooner or later I'm going to quit gaming. Microtrans my ass.

Ashlen1955d ago (Edited 1955d ago )

I'm pretty sure your going to get $0.00 from me.

001955d ago

there was an article before saying they wanted to clear their bad reputation.

then they go and do this.

SexyGamerDude1955d ago

You never know, this could go two ways. They could be planning on giving us some impressive add ons, downloadable side stories/quest, and some nice DLC outfits that will be worth the buck.

Or they could be dicks like Capcom and lock content like characters and story levels away on the disc and make you pay for them twice.

I hope it's the first.

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The story is too old to be commented.