“Man of Sony” is a PS4 SuperMan parody,and it is amazing

A video parodying superman as the origins of the PlayStation 4.

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majiebeast2013d ago

I lost it when i saw the baby with Cerny's face DemonNite always makes insane gifs.

izumo_lee2013d ago

It's true. The PS4 stands for hope! Hope for the industry. Hope for the company. Hope for the gamer.

Godmars2902013d ago (Edited 2013d ago )

The thing about that is Sony has to deliver with the console, gamers can't be douches about it.

And by "gamers" I mean hackers who feel that its their right to crack a console so run "copied" games off of it. With others cheering them on.

No more Geo-hats even with XBO.


Okay, maybe the XBO. Just to make one playable offline. But that's it...

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