Yoshida: "Never Say Never" to PS All-Stars Sequel, Insomniac on XB1 is "Part of Growing up"

Shuhei Yoshida, President of Sony Worldwide Studios, and his cheeks were on IGN’s podcast recently, where he talked about a variety of topics, with both Insomniac’s Xbox One exclusive title and the future of PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale getting detailed here. - PSLS

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TrendyGamers2006d ago

I wouldn't mind a sequel on PS4.

AngelicIceDiamond2006d ago

In other words Insomniac is just growing as a dev. Devs explore different companies and playing field. The Braid director worked with MS once and to him MS wasn't the right company to work with.

I hope MS treats Insomniac right during development of Sunset Overdrive. But I dunno, knowing MS track record with certain devs...

itBourne2006d ago

For me what absolutely killed the game was that the only way to get points was from ultimates. It can be quite frustrating, if that changed I would be on board.

Mr_Writer852005d ago

I'd say that made the game more exciting, I think ring outs are cheap.

If they gave people the choice then they could cater for everyone.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2005d ago

Insomniac fell from grace since facebook and fuse.

nick3092006d ago

I can barely find online matches and when i do it takes more then 5 minutes, and i get disconnected. Please fix it .

Snookies122006d ago

I honestly didn't have any trouble with online matches when I played about two weeks ago. o_o

Foliage2005d ago

Me neither; I was playing earlier.

More shills trying to create bullshit; attempting to favour Microsoft.

@nick You forgot to insert "I'm glad Microsoft will have their virtual cloud instances!"

Go home shill; it's time to sign into parole for the day. The xbox one security camera is watching you.. it always will be. You can't hide. Sign in, or brick your over-priced cable dongle.

nick3092005d ago

@ foliage : im getting xbox1 for the exclusives. Not the stupid online it will have

Mr_Nuts2006d ago (Edited 2006d ago )

Well hopefully it will be a sequel which will have a better health system (I hate using Super's it gets boring a repetitive, it's more like an Arcade "mode") and better characters that we actually want.

** he’d “like to see us come back to the idea,” but “maybe not the same mechanic. ***

Key sentence

*** but “maybe not the same mechanic ***

That gives me hope especialy when he has two Wii U's...maybe Smash Bros will rub off on him more

Snookies122006d ago

I'm fine with the supers being used for killing opponents, but I wish they had options to change it to life or something else if you want. I also wish they had stages you could fall off of to die. I loved that about Smash Bros.

Mr_Nuts2006d ago

Options are fine but they really need a health bar mode to be the main health system and let people choose the super system if they want it. As I said the Supers feel like a mode you would select if your on arcade mode where you can select silly preferences.

It would be like Smash Bros, except without seeing a percetage you would see a bar. When it's green your healthy and the more it goes down from yellow to red it increases the chances of you being flown off the stage, when it hits the bottom your still around but one good attack and your out.

Those super's should only be an item like a floating PS logo ball.

Outside_ofthe_Box2006d ago (Edited 2006d ago )

They better have the no brainer iconic characters otherwise you might as well not make it in my opinion.

I enjoyed the first one, but I'll only be interested in the sequel if they have the dream lineup that you know made people clamor for this game in the first place.

Mr_Nuts2006d ago (Edited 2006d ago )

For me they only should make the game once they push for the characters they want. Now if the Xbox One dosen't do well and MS starts to p*** publishers and developers off they may let Sony have the characters.

Evil Cole (Cole should just have two forms like Zelda), New Dante (my biggest complaint since the game wasn't even out), Heihachi Mishima, Raiden and hell even Fat Princess (more of a DLC character) should be gone

Spyro, Crash, Cloud/Squall, Gabe Logan, Tombi, Croc, Lara Croft, Ico, Old Snake, Gex, Dart, Nathan Hale etc these are the characters which should be in the game

The DLC should ONLY be characters that you wouldn't expect like Fat Princess, Big Daddy, Gordon Freeman, Max Payne OR secondary characters/villains....Elena Fisher to Nathan Drake (since theres not many females), Neo Cortex/Crash, Chaos for Final Fantasy since the DLC characters could add onto the hero's in the main games which would have one villain for them ALL or maybe even Sev to go along with Radec

ape0072006d ago (Edited 2006d ago )

insomniac with XB1........ no fanboy bs but this makes me little sad, i like console exclusives, they give it a special feeling

TrendyGamers2006d ago

They have a really big team, so expect to hear something about a PS4 Ratchet & Clank, maybe when the movie comes out.

Belking2006d ago

Nope, Insomniac is done with sony for a while I think. It must of been hard for people to see Ted price and Kojima on MS stage at E-3.

flipflopfacts2006d ago

They basically threw away their fanbase without any sentimental remorse. They are as arrogant as M$ so i'd say fu*k em. They lost their Spark after ACiT anyways so they can continue to kiss M$ a$$. I feel sorry for Ted Price since he does seem like a nice guy. He should seriously consider moving on to bigger and better things.

Bigpappy2006d ago

Wow! All the venomous anger over a developer trying to make some money to stay alive. Insomniac recent titles flopped hard on PS3. They made a wise choice to not put all their eggs in one basket anymore. This exclusive may help them to win over some Xbox fans. M$ has a large part of the fanbase that they would like to capture. I say smart move.

porkChop2006d ago


Releasing a game exclusively on a platform where you have literally no fanbase is not exactly a great way to "make some money to stay alive".

flipflopfacts2006d ago (Edited 2006d ago )

Rignt, when they see everyone is going to move away from the Xbone on the account of how bad the console sales are, they're going to come looking for a fanbase again. Who are they going to turn to? The grass is not greener this gen. And their fans are not going to open up their arms after that sorry disgust presentation of Resistance 3 debut.

Kalowest2006d ago

"He should seriously consider moving on to bigger and better things."
Ted Price is president and CEO of IG, he makes alot of the major decisions, nobody is making him do anything.

AngelicIceDiamond2006d ago

Because he contracted himself with MS your angry?He contracted with EA. Next it could be Activision or Ubisoft, 2k, Sega back to Sony again who knows.

Hes a free agent, he can contract with who ever he wants. Something tells me in the very near future he'll work with Sony again.

E3 2014 anyone?

flipflopfacts2006d ago

Actually, the CEO base his decisions and act on the company's best interest. Most likely the company as a whole decided to do the exclusive deal with M$. That's what I feel what is happening and I don't like it one bit.

In one of his recent interview at E3 he doesn't seem to have that confidence he used to and a lack of swagger.

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KingKelloggTheWH2006d ago

I hope they do make PSABR 2,id like to see them ditch the supers as they were kind of awkward and Id like to see a full cast of actual all start with more then 40 characters

I'd also like to see the combat improved and not rely on supers.

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