E3 2013: Why Did Bungie's 'Destiny' PS4 Presentation Keep Glitching Out? You'd Be Surprised Why...

FleshEatingZipper writes: "You can hear some pretty amazing things at E3 if you're in the right spot. For example, I got to overhear why Bungie's Destiny presentation at Sony's PlayStation conference kept having to resort to magic tricks to cover glitches in the game. This was especially troubling after the failure of Ubisoft's Assassin's Creed IV demo that continually froze on-stage. Only thing is: these weren't glitches. Let me explain what happened."

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Qrphe1979d ago

>dat format

At least they gave us a full-page link


r211979d ago

Same here. Seemed like a smooth reveal.

SolidStoner1978d ago (Edited 1978d ago )

I saw it live, and I remember that AC4 frozen... 100% sure!

and then after a while destiny had small issues..

but I dont see any problem in that... 90% of press conferences have some issues...

just because beta game frozen on beta console, doesn't mean anything for us gamers... it just means that sony has to deal with this issue, and I think that is no problem for them..
I am not worrying about that one.. but it sure is some sort of problem...

FrightfulActions1979d ago

Did anyone else pick up a small freeze when they used the 'Ghost'?

Other than that I didn't notice glitching, personally.

Queasy1979d ago

I noticed a small freeze at the beginning when the second player joined the party but really nothing after.

Garbanjo0011978d ago

The only thing I saw was that the guy in the back brought out the ghost, and the guy in front looked like he had never played the game before cause a) he wandered off into darkness, and b) he died during the demo.

It did slow down a little at the very beginning right after they met up to go inside the wall. But these games are still new and shit happens on stage. I know because i'm a musician. That's the only proof I have.

Doctor_Freeman1978d ago (Edited 1978d ago )

I noticed it, you can especially tell when they got quiet for a few seconds when the second player couldn't join and in the dark with the ghost like they didn't know what to do. Thankfully (happens sometimes with games) everything returned to normal and it turned out to be a great presentation.

BattleAxe1978d ago

Its because the PS4 is too powerful for this game :D

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Hufandpuf1979d ago

Hopefully it wasn't the PS4 causing the glitching because the AC:Black Flag demo just glitched out and Destiny was acting the same way but ran fine afterward.

Omar911979d ago

Yea same here, I'm hoping that has to do with the game and can be ironed out and it has nothing to do with the ps4 hardware.

lsujester1979d ago

Just in case, I'm not getting any new console on launch day. I got burned with a PS2 and a 360. If there are issues, I'll buy one after they get ironed out.

NeoTribe1978d ago

Isujester, thats what insurance is for buddy.

majiebeast1979d ago

Yeah both consoles had their glitches. BF4 didnt want to start on Xbone and some gameplay had no sound.

Hufandpuf1979d ago

It was a video, not an on-stage demo though.

Gildarts1979d ago

With BF4 it had sound issues. It was not the game nor the console. Just technical sound issues.

Perjoss1978d ago

games that are still in production that have glitches?? this is getting out of control!!

Enemy1979d ago (Edited 1979d ago )

Lol are you serious? Do you know how many times they have to rehearse this stuff? If it was the PS4 they wouldn't even think about demoing it in public. As mentioned, it was an issue with the E3 monitors.

Hufandpuf1979d ago

I just find it odd that the 2 out of 3 games they demoed had frame drops that's all.

and asking if I was kidding is insulting to me. I'm serious about this issue.

1978d ago
Prophet-Gamer1978d ago

@Hufandpuf, it was audiovisual problems, same with MS on Crimson Dragon and BF4. There were also some glitches during EA and Ubisoft's conferences. This is was entirely a technical problem on whoever organizes E3, not the Xbox or PS4.