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If you've got a Wii U, you absolutely have to put this game on your radar. It's coming out later this year, and you can't afford to miss it. Those who don't yet have Nintendo's HD console should seriously consider picking one up for this game alone. It really is that good.

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TrendyGamers1979d ago

With all the big games coming out this year, I might have to wait on this one.

1979d ago
dbjj120881979d ago

Looks so pretty, and thankfully they've sped up the traveling.

knifefight1979d ago

Just played the GC version. I will double dip.

CrossingEden1979d ago

played it at best buy today!

wastedcells1979d ago

Oh nice how did it look/play?

CrossingEden1979d ago

looked and played amazingly, apparently every computer ever has a problem rendering the videos because i have seen alot of complaints about the game being too bright, the game was not bright in the slightest, colorful yes but definitely not bright but maybe that was because it was the bird boss which takes place at night