E3 2013: Kingdom Hearts’ Creator Speaks on Disney’s Recent Acquisitions

IGN: "There’ve been a handful of mornings over the past few years where Tetsuya Nomura, creator of the Kingdom Hearts series and director of Final Fantasy XV, woke up to some pretty interesting news. It turns out, these were the mornings where he awoke to hear word that Disney had purchased another in a litany of interesting companies. From Pixar and Marvel Entertainment, to Lucasfilm and 2014’s possible acquisition of Studio Ghibli, Disney has been quickly evolving into an entertainment Goliath."

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KingKelloggTheWH1955d ago

Am I the only one who doesn't want marvel or pixar in KH?
I'd rather have something like Gargoyles!

Myst1955d ago

Oh gawd that would be awesome....Now I feel like watching the show again!

Snookies121955d ago

I'd be cool with Star Wars, for the sole purpose of fighting Darth Vader in a boss fight and having a lightsaber keyblade lol.

Kalowest1955d ago

Dude that sounds so F'ing AWESOME!!!

FlameHawk1955d ago

That was exactly what I was thinking.

rezzah1955d ago

Pixar i don't mind. Marvel? Neverrrr. I just wouldn't fit.

Rob_From_GopRant1955d ago

I agree - Marvel wouldn't fit in. Now the big question is - Are they going to keep the space ship part in the game. You guys know what im talking about. I never liked it but some might.

rezzah1955d ago

I'm sure they would.

it'll give them a reason to just add stuff to the game.

AznGaara1955d ago

Whoa whoa Pixar has some great characters. Lets go Disney give them Wall-E :)

Rob_From_GopRant1955d ago

Thats true - its exciting to see what happens. They have plenty of content to work with.

r211955d ago

The Incredibles world!

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BitbyDeath1955d ago (Edited 1955d ago )

I'm all for Pixar being included.
Marvel or Star Wars wouldn't suit though

r40k2131955d ago

I can see Star Wars fitting in just fine. They already threw Pirates of the Carribean and Tron in with 2, it's hardly a stretch to throw Star Wars in from there.

project_pat361955d ago

maybe a castle of illusions-type-world (from epic mickey 2 and the old sega genesis game Mickey Mouse - Castle of Illusion.)

that shit was wicked

chrispseuphoria1955d ago

Star Wars, The Incredibles, The Avengers and Castle in the Sky worlds would be fantastic!

Lavalamp1955d ago

Disney doesn't own the property rights to Castle in the Sky (or any Ghibli property for that matter). They just own the distribution rights for certain territories.

truechainz1955d ago

I disagree with you guys about marvel. Especially if we get to play on Asgard and fight Loki. Not to mention that seeing some combo moves with Sora and the hulk would probably be enough awesomeness to end my life

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