Xbox One's E3 showing "very unprofessionally done," says Molyneux

Sony and Microsoft squaring off at E3 felt like "two frat houses," the 22Cans boss tells us, while lamenting how insular the industry still is

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jc485731957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

I can't open the page to read. Anybody knows what he is saying about E3? Only got the frat part.

MikeyDucati11957d ago

This is what he's saying...

"I just think it was very unprofessionally done. There was one message from one Phil and then another message from another Phil," Molyneux continued, referring to Phil Spencer and Phil Harrison, "and they seemed to be kind of shooting from the hip. Always online is simple for me. As a consumer, just show me why I should be always online and I'll be happy with it. At the moment, it just means game sale authentication. I don't want that. But if there's some way you can give a huge benefit for the consumer, and make the message super clear, [it would be accepted]."

"Right now it's not very clear; it went from once every 24 hours to not at all to all the time, and I got very confused by it. They just need to be very clear, focus on the benefits, and after a while, we'll be in the same place as this," he said, pointing to a smartphone. "This has to be always online and we didn't have to think about it. Things like Clash of Clans is always online, and I don't mind, I don't care, I just enjoy playing Clash of Clans. So I think it's a little hiccup in the industry. I think consumers are being spun up by things like Twitter and Facebook."

"We need, as an industry, to be super clear to our consumers, and when you're at E3 you kind of forget about consumers for a while. It just seems to be all about the show."

"I do worry sometimes when I come to E3, especially this E3, I worry just how much we're pushing the industry forward. It's not about the indies and - I'm probably going to get into trouble for saying this - it's not about bringing new people and consumers into the game industry. It's about pleasing existing gamers," Molyneux commented. "The whole design of the consoles is about pleasing existing gamers, and actually what Microsoft did was they went from the first press conference and they kind of lost their nerve a bit, and they said, 'Oh crikey, we better just nail the core consumers.' I don't know whether that vision of how to interact with our audience is the right vision, to say we're all about core, that's who our audience is, we know how many Call of Dutys we're going to sell."

"If we look at [the industry's] 10-year future or 20-year future, if we still continue to be inward looking rather than outward looking, I worry about it. That's why I think the indies, myself included, [have to push games forward]. We should be appealing to new audiences, we should be using this insane, crazy tech in a completely different, game-changing way, so these huge corporations turn around and say, 'you know what, maybe we should look at that software'."

jc485731957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

same old, but not many developers are willing to do the walk. I'm confident they have the power to convince gamers in many ways, but we see nothing but greed.

shoddy1957d ago

Agree MS should make it clear without shame.
In another word be professional

Bimkoblerutso1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

God...Peter Molyneux. When he's not irking me, he's simply confusing me.

He doesn't ACTUALLY denounce anything Microsoft is doing, he just suggests that we don't understand it. That irks me.

indysurfn1957d ago

not this Peter again, glad he is angry though!

DOMination-1957d ago

I think hes trying to suggest that if theres a benefit to aoways online like the games being really cheap then people are more likely to accept it but MS hasnt announced game prices nor any other benefits so their message is unclear. The fact is, I dont think there are any substantial benefits for the end user in their current model except the cloud stuff (still skeptical)

DVAcme1956d ago

You know what's unprofessional, Peter Molyneux? Being as unclear in this interview as Microsoft's been the entirety of E3 and making each Fable game worse than the last. The first Fable's the only really impressive one, every other has been successively worse.

MYSTERIO3601956d ago

Let just hope Sony continue to support the development of new indie games if MS aren't willing to

Godmars2901956d ago

So he knocks both MS and Sony but only gives reason to knock MS. Does by stating what Sony actually did, which was be straight and forward with their intentions.

Darrius Cole1956d ago

That's right Peter they need to be perfectly clear. Like this...

You've all seen it buy now. Someone should show it to Peter.

Ritsujun1956d ago

Too many Phil's.
Let's just throw the Xbones to feed the hungry CODogs.

BattleTorn1956d ago


I think Peter is being very sensical

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s8anicslayer1957d ago

That's not what he was saying on IGN Live, man he is a Hippocrate!

sway_z1957d ago

So he's not entitled to change his opinion?

papashango1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

a day later?

for what reason? it's not like MS's opinion or stance changed

sway_z1957d ago

You lot are a tough bunch lol

I'm not saying he's right to change his stance, just that he's entitled to.

I don't mind disagrees, I value opinions...

No worries :)

Garbanjo0011957d ago

He is in front of the press in front of the world. That's a lawsuit waiting to happen if he calls bullshit on a company he used to work for. He had to walk the line during the IGN shit.

I like his opinion because he calls it as it is, a man of his stature knows where the console market and games in general is headed. . .

I am a firm believer in the indie scene, look at what it does for music in local areas? Scenes blow up and then you have "Nirvana, Soundgarden, Alice in Chains, Muddhoney, Screaming Trees . . ." All due to one indie band making it out (Nirvana) and then they all followed suit. It's nice doing things your own way, Indies have a lot of potential in games, this is only the surface we're scratching. Lots of big titles were started from indie games, look at every game from circa 1995. Great games until the year 2002.

Cam9771956d ago (Edited 1956d ago )

As in a crate of hippos?
I kid, but I just thought I'd point that out for you, what you want is 'hypocrite'.

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showtimefolks1957d ago

i usually don't agree with him but he is so right just like nintendo's message with wiiu wasn't clear now MS is making the same mistake

just show us the consumers why online every 24hours works and what sort of benefits are there for us

but knowing MS they will throw a lot of money advertisement wise to try to fool people into buying one

IMO more than there message what really was crappy was their price point, how come sony has a stronger machine using higher costing ram yet selling for $100 less? and why force people to buy kinect 2? now we gonna have to hear it with every game. better with kinect 2

sony's job is so much easier and they will take some jabs at MS with their advertisement and gaming sharing which they have already done

madpuppy1956d ago

The problem is when you don't explain something that drastically changes how things have always been and just say how it will be better and that's it the consumer perceives that you are hiding something from them that is not in their benefit. and that instinct is almost right every time.

dennett3161956d ago

There really are no benefits, it's only in place to solve a problem that MS created in the first place - the online check in to make sure you're not sharing a single copy of a game with everyone you know.
My PS3 is connected to the internet via ethernet, but it's not constantly online. If I want to go online for multiplayer or whatever, that becomes available to me once I choose the option in game. My console will automatically download patches for me at a set time every night, the console turns itself on and downloads what I need to be constantly online to do that.
At the end of the day, the only benefit of the 24 hour check in, or always online for a game like Sim City or Diablo 3, is DRM...and that only benefits Microsoft.

Upbeat1956d ago Show
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SEAN16171957d ago

Molyneux, stop your darn hot air balloons, you lie more than a hooker on over time. You just want positive PR.

SEAN16171957d ago

I am stating that He loves Microsoft and whatever he says now is just back peddling.

AngelicIceDiamond1957d ago

Peter's just mad because he can't get his job back.

badz1491956d ago

Adam Orth is even more pissed! acting totally like Don but still lost his job!

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ScubbaSteve1957d ago

There's a joke in there about how they both say you can do anything but take it back when you start asking about the dog. I'm going to take one of my bubbles away for dirty thoughts now.

HeavenlySnipes1957d ago

They really should have addresses people's concerns over the DRM and try to sell the system to people that have wrote it off because of it. Bad move by MS ignoring that

MikeyDucati11957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

If you think about it though, all it would do is give critics more fuel to add to the flame. They said enough about it in its reveal. Their best bet was to do just what they games. Show the consumer base and the possible future consumer base what you have to offer in other departments that can help you forget about the messy subject of DRM.


LOL! Nice play with the 1984 reference. I was telling my friend (who doesn't get into gaming like I do) about the features of Xbox and he immediately referenced that classic story.

uncharted561957d ago

Not if as Moleyneux said they would be had been clear about it and showed the benefits. They would tell me that by always being online I will get this benefit I will experience the games in this new way and they had to show something utilizing this in a very exciting and positive way. But they didn't do that

C-Thunder1957d ago

They can't because their stance on the issue sucks.

cyguration1957d ago


Why do people keep saying "they should address the DRM"? Why?


It seems like it's hard for people to understand that it's essentially CISPA/PIPA/SOPA in a box.

The Xbox 1(984) is not a consumer friendly device. It is DRM The Box. Microsoft going on stage to defend those policies would have been brand suicide, and I agree, the issue sucks.


the thing is what more could they really say..

they already released the official statement on their website which explained everything we need to know about all the bullshit policies.

The only thing it didn't go into is how (for me as a hardcore gamer) is it of any benefit.. They could not answer that in the official statement and they could not answer that at E3 either because there is no real benefit.

They just keep saying it adds value and thats it. MS already know they have lost the core gamers or at least the ones who actually think for themselves. They know they are just keeping the sheep who can't think past the sound of their voice saying "xbox on".

they will end up in the same place nintendo have found themselves that is trying their best to get the core gamers back on their side after realizing that casuals only buy a handful of games and then forget that they own the system except when they are drunk.

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nevin11957d ago

Wait............I thought he said Xbox will win E3 and next gen?

Narutone661957d ago

They won for the worst console reveal ever.

dalibor1957d ago

I really wasn't expecting MS to do that bad. I mean you did great with the 360 why mess that up(except the rrod fiasco). Sony and Nintendo still have not gone the route that MS has with all those crazy a** features and if they do then there is the PC to save us and retro gaming. And if something like this should happen maybe Sega might release a system... maybe... just maybe lol

IcicleTrepan1957d ago

He probably meant they'd win if they let him on the stage to talk about something