Revealed: Why Video Games are So Expensive

Video games, until the advent of digital downloads and mobile games, have always been (too) expensive. Go back to the mid ’90s when PlayStation and Nintendo 64 games were selling for around $50. If you go back 30 years, Atari 2600 games retailed for around $30, which is even more expensive when adjusted for today’s dollars.

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MartinB1052005d ago

Completely agree!

Videogames provide exponentially better value than any other form of entertainment (music, films, TV, books).

Sure, your average retail game might cost 3-4 times as much as a DVD/Blu-Ray movie, but it also lasts 10-50 times longer and is tons more fun due to being interactive.

princejb1342005d ago

sometimes i wonder why games cost $60 on consoles
while on PC sometimes i see brand new games cost $40 or $50

if the ps4 is really close to the pc shouldn't the games cost on par with pc games?

just a thought

im not a developer or anything so i dont really know how pricing works

MartinB1052005d ago

Because console manufacturers take a cut (around $12 IIRC) from every copy of a retail game that sells.

No-one is taking such a cut from the PC version.

ShaunCameron2005d ago

Video games were always expensive even when development costs were supposedly lower back then.